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House Hunting

Ryan’s been in this apartment since last September (I’ve been here since January) and by the end of July, we had to decide if we wanted to renew our lease for another year. Things were crazy around that time with wedding planning, so thinking about moving by the end of September was a little overwhelming. […]


I’m A Vegetarian

I never thought I’d say this, but I became a vegetarian! This has evolved since the springtime, ever since Ryan and I watched the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” I say evolved because at first we were more like “flexitarians” (Ryan was much better than me). Eventually, I cut out all meat from my diet. Yes, […]


New Hair!

In October of 2009, I donated 10 inches of my hair for the first time. After enjoying it short for several months, I started growing it out. At the time, I didn’t know when exactly I was getting married, but I figured I should let it grow for my future wedding. I knew I wanted […]


Two Summers Ago

Recently I was looking through some older photos (while working on our wedding website – coming soon!)… and wondering what the heck happened?!  Two years ago I was a little skinny mini compared to now.  The difference is very noticeable. Oh that’s right… I didn’t eat a pound of almonds every week back then.  I’ve probably gained 10 […]


Sole Hope Ambassador

I first heard of the organization Sole Hope through Ashley, who hosted two shoe cutting parties that I attended last year.  We all gathered with a bunch of our used jeans, and traced, cut, and pinned all night!  Then, those shoes would be sent to North Carolina, Uganda, and Zambia for sewing the soles on […]

Dream Catchers

I don’t know if I’m just now noticing them, or if they’re becoming trendy … but I’m starting to see dream catchers everywhere!  Obviously they have a history that goes way back in Native American traditions and I love that they’re still around. Whether or not you think they catch bad dreams and allow only […]

A Different Type of Map

Where we live currently… (Indiana) My dream state…. (Florida) Our probable compromise in the future…. (North Carolina) Regardless, aren’t these awesome illustrations from Molly Mattin on Etsy?!  I found them via Pinterest (duh) and just had to share them with you!  Such a neat take on a state map. Image credits: Etsy

Reflections on Student Teaching

As you may have gathered from my blog, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in December.  I didn’t write an official graduation post; I’m a slacker!  Not to mention, I never even wrote about my last semester in college.  I student taught in a high school biology classroom From August to November 2011.  From November […]