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Thankful for… Two Are Better (Day 2)

I wasn’t sure how well it would go to try to blog everyday this month… and so far, not so good!  I will catch up though! ;) (See Day 1 of thankfulness.) Day 2- I am thankful for my job, Two Are Better, which really means I am thankful for all those people who trust in us […]

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Thankful for…. Woo (Day 1)

Believe it or not, I’m going to celebrate this month of thankfulness before I move on to Christmas!  Apparently the Christmas season now starts the day after Halloween instead of the day after Thanksgiving. I love love Christmas time, but I’m not going to rush it. Let’s take it one holiday/month at a time! Anyway, just a […]

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Happy Halloween!

My Halloween in a nutshell – Ryan is still in Cape Town surfing with sharks and penguins. My Mom, Nour, and I went out and celebrated on Saturday night!  Nour and I carved a pumpkin while she was here visiting. Tonight we dressed up my black cat Onyx like a pumpkin!  He didn’t like it […]

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Ryan and I are an ocean apart for a week!  I miss him already, but I’m SO excited he gets this awesome opportunity. He’s currently in Cape Town, South Africa on a “work” trip.  I put work in quotations because it’s mostly play when the Woo ninjas get together.  ;)  (Last year they went to […]

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Pistachio Addict

It’s time for another confession. My addiction to almonds has expanded to another tree nut: pistachios. This happened this year when I innocently tried pistachios and now they’ve become a staple in my diet. There must be a reason or explanation for this; maybe my body craves a specific nutrient in these tree nuts! I’m not […]

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