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Since I’m cheap, I only brought a few souvenirs home from Florida.  Florida oranges and an illness.  Yep, I started getting sick the day we left Florida.  I think I caught a cold from my little cousins.  It’s been irritating my throat and making it so I can’t talk loud at all and sound raspy […]

CSN & Origins Giveaway Winners!

I’ll stop bugging you about entering my giveaways… because now I have the winners!!! *drum roll* (ahem, Ryan) Chosen by random.org, here are the lucky winners!  I’ll be contacting you soon.  :) First, the $50 CSN gift certificate…    Congrats to Eliza!!! And for the 6 winners of the Origins giveaway… Congrats to…. John Tibbs […]


This post you are about to read is what MckMama likes to a “stream of consciousness.” I’ve wrote a similar one before which I called Organized Rambling. You know, it’s where you literally just ramble on and write all the random things that come to mind and hope that it makes sense… oh and pretend […]

WebMD finding

In one of my random facts posts, I said I have to let hot liquids/foods cool off before I drink/eat them to prevent my tongue from getting burnt. Well, I just found out that it also [possibly] prevents esophageal cancer! http://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20090326/hot-tea-may-raise-esophageal-cancer-risk

Sing like no one is listening

Even though sometimes I get tired of driving the same route back and forth to Rolla everyday (usually twice) I do look forward to singing loudly in my car with no one to hear. Well unless it’s warm outside and I roll down the windows…lol. Or I sing Worship songs for God to hear. :) […]

God Story

This is a random post about a short story that happened about 2-3 years ago. I just thought it’d be fun to write down. I began attending youth group at the First Church of God during the fall of 2005. I believe at this point I had been going for at least several months, maybe […]