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Fun Summer Video

Back in July, Ryan and I made a just for fun video of our friends Jon & Laurie.  Ryan did a winter video of them and decided we should do a summer version.  We shot it in Indiana at sunset and it involved fun summer things like water, bikes, cornfields, and fireworks!  :)  Ryan did […]


One of my favorite things about the summer heat is cooling off in a pool.  I would say ocean, but let’s be realistic – I’m land locked in Missouri/Indiana.  Thankfully, our small little town just opened a brand new pool – Tiger Shark Water Park (Tiger=school mascot).  Compared to the old pool, it is a […]


Outside of My Comfort Zone

On Friday night, before Ryan came into town, my Mom decided to ride her horses down the road and I decided to ride my bike alongside.  Bikes are in my comfort zone, horses aren’t so much.  I stopped every few feet and took pictures with my iPhone.  So many wildflowers along the road right now! […]

Picnic in the Park

I’ve been in Indiana with Ryan for over a week now (which explains my lack of blogging)!  We’ve been busy riding bikes, shopping, eating, eating, eating, taking advantage of the half off Fraps at Starbucks, hanging out, photographing a wedding, etc!  It’s been an awesome start to summer break.  :)


Ryan’s New CycloCross Bike

Apparently the shopping spree wasn’t over.  Yesterday, Ryan got a new bike and is selling his old one (it’s REALLY old, he got it last summer – sarcasm!).  Ever since he bought his bike last summer, he decided he wanted a road bike too.  His fitness bike (Trek 7.1 FX) just wasn’t fast enough for […]