Shades of Grey

One of my giveaway winnings from this past summer was shop credit to *Shey*[B].  If you’ve heard of Shey’s business, you know she’s well known in the handmade community for camera strap slipcovers! I happened to win the camera strap before I got my dSLR, but at the time I was thinking about getting a camera in the near future.  Perfect timing!

Well, fast forward a few months and I bought my Canon Rebel t2i. I quickly realized the need for a slipcover (besides adding a cute touch to your camera) because the original strap didn’t feel so great rubbing on my neck.  I went a month without one and once I received my *Shey*[B] strap cover, my neck appreciated it!  Not to mention, it was super cute and added a little personalization to my camera.  I’m a sucker for cute fabric.  It was hard to decide among all her cute designs!!!

With that said, I am perfectly happy with my reversible strap cover, except for the communication/amount of time it took to receive it.  I know she is busy and it was a giveaway order, but I was a little disappointed in the customer service.  I would, however, give it another chance because as far as I’ve heard, her business has a good reputation for a wide selection of high quality slip covers.  Check them out for yourself at her shop.  She’s listing a bunch of new designs as we speak!

Check out some pictures of my *Shey*[B] camera strap slipcover below.  Click on the gallery to see more if you’d like!

Thanks, Ryan, for the photos!  He needs to dress up his camera strap too!  ;o)

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4 responses to “Shades of Grey”

  1. Ryan needs to keep his camera strap in the original form b/c it’s a name sake kind of thing. lol
    Hope your trip was uper fun… can’t wait to hear and see pictures!

  2. I heard that its a great idea to have a generic lens cap and carrying strap so your camera doesn’t seem as “worthy” of being stolen. Of course, I would just like customized fabric, too! I would be sure to get something floral so Dan wouldn’t steal my camera!

    • Ryan told me that too about “hiding” the value of your camera! That’s why he wants a new strap.
      Haha yes, Ryan probably doesn’t like holding mine with the girly fabric!

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