• Cooking Inspiration

    Ever since I caught the (respiratory) flu two and a half weeks ago, I’ve been in a cooking and eating funk. I kind of lost my appetite and desire to cook. When I was feeling really yucky, I ate vegetable soup and oatmeal. Once I started feeling a little bit better, the only thing that […]

  • Detoxifying Our Home

    We’ve been on a mission to rid our home of toxic chemicals! It was one of those darn documentaries that inspired us again, ha. ;) We watched Chemerical back in the winter and have been detoxifying our home and learning more ever since. We chose to detoxify because it is safer for us, the environment, and […]

  • First World Problem$

    Lately, I’ve been having an internal struggle about consumerism and money. I think it multiplies when I walk through Target or when I read blogs and social media. The ironic part is we don’t have much discretionary income left over for consumerism to be a problem. I always wonder where the heck all our money goes, even […]

  • Jasper, the friendly dog

    Not only are we recent home owners, but also recent dog owners!!! :) Now we have 2 cats and 1 dog and our animals officially outnumber humans 3:2! At the beginning of April, we adopted a 2(ish) year old male Corgi who we named Jasper. Of course, we had to continue the gemstone theme with […]

  • Flashback – Wedding Thoughts

    Here’s a little flashback for you… I guest blogged about wedding thoughts when I was 21 – and now I’m 24 & married! This is interesting to look back on. :) The good news? I made it through my wedding day anxiety-free (with a little medication). ———- Lately I’ve been thinking, probably too much, about […]