Mindy Merenghi

I’m Mindy Merenghi; a twenty-something living in the midwest. I thrive on sunshine, sleep, almonds, and cuddling. I’m a wanna-be southern girl, but I take my iced tea without sugar. I try to be conscientious about my health, the environment, and our checkbook. One way I do all three at the same time is by eating vegetarian!

Mindy-MerenghiI met my husband, Ryan, in high school and we recently tied the knot on 8.25.12. In January of this year, we bought our first home in Indianapolis, Indiana. For now, it’s just us and our two cats, Onyx and Pearl, and our dog, Jasper. However, we have no plans for a white picket fence or a 9-5 office job. We’re not interested in doing things just because that’s what everyone else does. We prefer to live intentionally and not settling with mediocrity.

I was born and raised in rural Missouri, in my family home built by my Dad. He passed away from cancer the day before my 21st birthday and my life will never be quite the same. My family was always important to me but now, even more than before, I hold them even closer to my heart.

Without my faith in God, I don’t know where I’d be today. I struggled with anxiety and depression after my Dad’s passing, all while trying to make it through college and a long-distance relationship. I try my hardest to center my life around the fact that I am a follower and lover of Jesus, but I don’t claim to be anything close to perfect.

In December 2011, I graduated summa cum laude from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a bachelor’s in Biology and a certification to teach high school. For now, my degrees just look good on paper. I actually own and run a videography business, Two Are Better, with my husband and we love to create wedding and family videos. I also volunteer my time as an ambassador to the non-profit organization Sole Hope.

I have several interests that continue to evolve, and I hope I can use them to find another part-time job I enjoy. Besides creating videos, I love to take photos. I used to write regularly on a personal blog and really enjoyed that hobby. Crafting is something I like to do to feed my need to create. Children have always been one of my passions, whether I’m teaching them or dreaming about having my own. Nature is the biology nerd in me coming out, as I love spending time outdoors in its beauty. Traveling is something I wish we could do more of (hence needing another job) and I am always up for an opportunity to explore a new place.