Falling out of Summer

A few weeks ago, in the middle of August, I could already smell autumn in the breeze. I’ve been feeling its effects too; the goosebumps on my arms and legs are proof. August is quickly coming to a close, which brings September and thus, a new season. The nights are cooler and the days are following suit. It seems much colder than the norm here in Missouri; tonight is in the low 50’s. Some leaves are even starting to lose their green color, which will really become evident soon. It’s sneaking in, kicking summer out of the scene. Weather whether we like it or not, it’s inevitable.

For me, this brings less than joyful feelings because I don’t want to say goodbye to summer! Spring and summer are my favorites and they seem to be cut short compared to fall and winter. Why don’t I like this season of pumpkins, colorful leaves, apple cider, bonfires, and cool weather? Well, I admit fall can be a lot of fun, but there’s a few things that really ruin it for me.

I would like the season of fall more if…
spring followed, instead of winter. Yuck.

when the leaves fall off, new buds would immediately come in their place.
summer lasted longer.
it didn’t mean another year of school was starting.
I could spend it with my love!!
it didn’t remind me of last fall.
summer was twice as long.
winter didn’t replace it. Yes, it’s important to repeat this point.
if I didn’t get cold so easily.
I lived in Florida.
I didn’t mind spending money on fall clothes.. they’re more expensive than a cute summer dress and flip flops!
Ryan was by my side to keep me warmer. ;)
cold season didn’t start. Specifically this year, H1N1 flu season.
it wasn’t in preparation for winter.
the sun didn’t set so early.
the grass stayed green.

Today is just the last day of August so we officially have more of summer left… But it might as well be fall already. It feels like it’s making an early arrival this year.


Dear Autumn,

I’m sorry that summer is hard to live up to; almost impossible in my eyes. I’m also sorry that winter comes after you, and ruins our time together. Maybe sometime I can learn to love you for who you are, and not compare you to others. That would be more kind of me. And once life allows more enjoyable circumstances, then we can all be happy. See ya around.

Warm regards,
A bitter young woman

P.S.- Do me a favor and keep winter away as long as possible.

Not Me! Saturday Night Edition

What to do on a boring, Saturday night?

Look at cards online of course! That’s my idea of fun!

I’m only kidding. I mean, about the latter part because that’s really what I’m doing.

But there are some cute ones on there.

If you think you could be a card designer, check this and this out. I just might start brainstorming ideas… Obviously I need something to do with my time.

My favorite card ever (good enough to remember) was one that I bought for Ryan a few years ago.
It had a cat on the front….
And on the inside it said, “If I had nine lives, I’d spend them all with you.”


Ryan always finds the cutest cards for me! (And I’ve kept them all of course.) One that I remember had a girl and a guy on the front and the guy was labeled “Mr. Right” and the girl was labeled “Mrs. Always Right.”

Haha! He has the right idea.


I did not just spend my Saturday night on hallmark.com and blog about it. Nope, not me!

One Week. Check.

I finally got my class schedule figured out! What a pain it is to add/drop classes after the semester starts, plus they don’t even give you 100% of your money back! I think they do that on purpose to make the Registrar’s job easier. Aren’t they paid for that? Ah ha, I get it. They probably get the 10% tuition we lose.

I will definitely be spoiled after this semester… not having to get up early (after I put my 120 hours in my education labs), easier classes, no classes on Wednesdays or Fridays (after I get my 120 hours in my education labs), and getting paid to go to school! I won’t want it any other way.

Did you know I’m great at wishing a semester away making a semester sound like it’s really short? I discovered this at AU, at the beginning of spring 2008, while talking with my friend Nour… I even convinced her! It goes something like this…

August doesn’t count because we start near the end of the month, so it’s going to be September before classes are well under way. But before we get in too far, it will be Labor Day break and then all of a sudden it’s October because we’ll be busy taking our first tests, writing our first papers, and won’t even know what hit us. October will be the longest because there are no breaks, but it will be a pretty autumn month so maybe nature will distract us. Plus, talk of mid-term comes and goes, and you’re in shock that you’re already half -way though. Whoa, it’s already time to register for next semester! November sneaks up, with the anticipation of a week long Thanksgiving break at the end! By this point, papers, tests, and studying is a comfortable routine again. You’re already hearing things like.. “We’re nearing the end of the semester.” Why? Because it’s true! December is last, but it barely counts! It’s the end of the semester, final test time and BAM!

Another semester under your belt.

As if a semester didn’t already go fast enough. I just made it faster. I’m very aware that I need to work on this whole wishing my life away thing. Solution? Contentment in life.

That brings me to some goals for the semester…
  • Don’t worry, be happy.
  • Stay ahead on studying, papers, class work.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Earn a 4.0 GPA.
  • Work as a sub after my 120 hours of education labs are finished.
  • Fill my free time to avoid loneliness/depression. Go to Zumba whenever possible. Yoga would be nice too. Babysit. Hang out with my Mom. Touch unread books on my shelf. Touch the keyboard I bought. Enjoy the fall weather before winter comes (gag me). Move to Florida when it does come, haha. Just kidding, kinda. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  • Ryan if you’re reading this, which I know you are, is the goal of seeing each other at least once a month too much to ask? :)
  • Be thankful.
  • Really work to become closer to God.
I promise I’m trying to do better this time around. One week down, 14 to go. ;-)

John Hancock

Courage leads to…. the Art Appreciation Professor’s signature.

I got to the class early and made a point not to sit in the front or aisle seats. I’m not a front row sitter anyway. I watched naive students walk in, sit in the front row, and hold on to their add/drop slips with their pens ready. I giggled inside and was so glad I knew what to expect.

The teacher walked into class tonight at 6 pm… and just as I expected he said, “It looks like there’s too many people in here. Anyone who is trying to add this class, leave. Anywhere, just go.”

About four people left. I didn’t budge.

He left for a minute and walked back in and said, “There’s still too many. Who didn’t leave?”

I raised my hand and said, “Question! There is one space left in here and I’m next on the waitlist….”
“They lie! I told you to leave!”
“But there’s still one spot!”
“Let’s count,” he says. There were over 20 students.
Somehow I convinced him and he said, “Do you have the add form? Do you have a pen?”
“Yes” (Thankfully I was prepared.)
“Come down here.”
Before he signed, he said, “My signature is worth 1,000 on Antique’s Roadshow. Ahhh I’m so tired of signing my name.”
He finally did. And said, “When I tell my dog to go away, it goes away.”

Sigh of relief

He didn’t even pick on me the rest of the night, which surprised me.

This guy is extremely difficult to put into words. He said, “You’ll never meet anyone like me.” That’s a good way to put it.

He started off by taking roll, asking each person if they knew what their name meant and where they were from. Most didn’t know the meaning. He asked if people were Native American and most said no. He said they actually are because they are “native to America.” He said we should know things like this, and that’s what he’s going to teach us in the class.

Mainly, he talked about “finding our aesthetic.” The beauty in life, the beauty in us. He said we are all beauties. He talked about things like God, the universe, death, love, art, being institutionalized (schooling) and how it steals your creativity and trains you, and more in the 2 hours we were there. It was supposed to be almost 3 hours, but he let us leave early.

Next week is cancelled we have a “reading assignment at home”…the front cover & index page of the required, 80-something-dollar textbook we are not supposed to buy. “Because each page is costs 12 cents and they probably had to cut down a lot of trees to make it.” But if we want to learn more about artists, we can buy the book and should “cut out the pictures and hang them up to admire.”

Someone’s cell phone rang and he said, “There’s music going off in someone’s pants. I don’t have a cell phone and don’t want one. That’s my aesthetic.”

There’s so much more he said, but those are things that stick out in my head. I’m sure that’s not the last you’ll hear of this class as the semester moves along….

What an experience.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

I just found the courage to face the Art Appreciation teacher and beg to be added to the class.

Political Science 90 (Government).

Someone please hand me a add/drop slip before my IQ falls any lower. And my refund!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, the professor, or the subject matter. Probably a combination of all three, yet most other students (guys) in the class seemed just fine. What I do know is that it’s not fun to be confused for 3 hours. It makes you feel…. less than intelligent.

So if all goes well with the addition of the Art Appreciation class (please), then I will take that and keep that other history class which doesn’t even compare to this Poly Sci class. I don’t even care that I will have two classes on Thursday evenings, with only an hour in between for a quick dinner. I won’t have any classes on Wednesdays or Fridays, which will be the payoff. Oh and a better GPA in the end, hello.

What can I say? I’m more of a biological science type of girl.