“Jesus Take the Wheel”

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes?

I recall just one time when I thought life as I knew it was over for good.

2005(?). My friend Jess, a horrible driver at the time, was driving and pulling out of Blockbuster. Well, the street that is in front of Blockbuster is the major street in Rolla- it’s busy with 4 lanes + a turning lane. She was supposed to turn right because there was a barrier in the middle of the road to where you can’t pull out and turn left. Well for some reason, she turns left and is going the WRONG WAY! At that time, the light had just turned green and cars were coming at us. A semi was in one lane honking his horn and no one was in the other lane (or perhaps they moved when they saw us coming). There were a few people in the backseat with us– Caylee & Laura perhaps? I remember Caylee was laughing- I’m sure it’s one of those times where you either laugh or cry. I was just sure we were going to wreck and die. It all happened so fast that it’s hard to recall the details. All I know is I was sitting in the front seat and Jess was flipping out so I grabbed the steering wheel and we made it to safety. Although I think Jesus really took the wheel because I have no idea how I could’ve done it. If both lanes would’ve been full, we would’ve been in a head on collision.

I can’t believe I made it out alive! Phew…






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