My productive weekend

Nothing like being productive when you set your mind to it…

My weekend was full of homework so that this week would be less stressful. In fact, I don’t think the word stress will even be involved now!!
On Friday after class I worked from 2 pm – 1 am. I worked on a cell lab report that took forever and I need some help so I’m not done yet. I wrote my “Microbe of the Week” report for Micro. I read a chapter for Micro and filled out the questions in the study guide.
On Saturday I finished my “Philosophy of Education” paper for my Ed class and I studied for my Ed test throughout the weekend. I finished my two philosophy assignments and started the next one.
On Sunday I started studying for my Cell test.
I even got to sleep in on Saturday. And take a nap on Sunday and relax some.
Ooohhh yeah.

P.S.- I think I have an ulcer(s). I have GERD (aka acid reflux) buuut I have burning when my stomach is empty which is a symptom of ulcers not GERD. I also have blood type O which puts me at a higher risk of developing ulcers (I just found this out via google of course). This kinda concerns me because I’ve had these symptoms for 2 years. The upper GI test I got (1.5 yrs ago) did not show any ulcers, but I think I’m going to get a test for the H. pylori bacteria soon (if my dr calls me back?!). However, even if I don’t have that bacteria in my stomach, I could still have an ulcer caused from other reasons. I hate this because this might involve an endoscopy, IV, blood test, and other scary things. Ughhh. :-(






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