This post is for Mr. Anonymous and Miss Anonymous (not related)

Today is the first day of spring and spring break! I’m more excited about spring than spring break, just because break will be pretty boring (besides when I go visit Jennifer). My amazing Florida plans didn’t work out. It’s definitely looking more like spring each day. This week was pretty nice, and some trees have bloomed and there’s a lot of daffodils. I fell in love with spring last year. The long, cold Indiana winter made me want spring SO bad. And now that I love spring even more now, I also hate winter even more too. It may be nerdy, but I notice each day how the plants/trees change. I’m a biology major, is that an excuse? ;)

So what other EXCITING things do I have to say?? Oh wait, NOTHING.

Should I get a perm? I’m thinking about getting one. I can’t decide though. At least it would be something to do for a few hours, LOL. And something new.

Getting poked by a needle in my veins for either blood sample/IV is really becoming a big fear and I’ve had two nightmares thus far. It’s quite ridiculous. I go to a different Dr at the end of the month about my acid reflux/ulcer/whatever problem it is and I’m SCARED. I really wish I wasn’t scared, it’s kind of embarrassing actually. Since I diagnosed myself with ulcers, I decided I am really “feeding my ulcers” when I have to eat when my stomach is empty. If I have H. pylori, then I can call it feeding my bacteria! GROSS.

My Grandma is going home today from the hospital! She is recovering very well!

Nour is recovering well from her surgery too! Did I mention that people around me seem to have a thing for surgeries? You probably don’t want to be my friend or relative, or you might be cursed I recently decided.

I just have to get this out…
My pet peeves of things people say–most of them get started on Facebook and I have no idea how they get spread so quickly. It’s weird and I try to stay away from them. (No offense to anyone who says them): FML (see, bahahaha, ahahaha, pahahaha, “I’m not gonna lie”, uhmm, “I know, right?”, creeper, “you would,” WTF, or just “F” in place of the real word (In my opinion, it’s just like saying it), any cussing ESPECIALLY use God’s name inappropriately–that just makes me CRINGE.
And some less annoying things, but they still stick out to me… Misspelled words or mixing up words such as their, there, and they’re; to, two, and too, etc. I notice a lot of mistakes when I read things. Last year in my Family Science textbook (I actually read the whole thing) I noticed several mistakes.
Other pet peeves: smacking gum, and list to be continued because I can’t think of any right now.

On Wednesday my cell professor and I had on the same shirt!! lol. She gave me bonus points…JUST KIDDING.






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