I’m falling apart and I’m only twenty. If you don’t want to hear complaining, don’t read.

I had a tonsil stone (ew) this week in a spot that sent pain to my ear–called referred pain. Thanks google for helping me diagnose myself. It was very painful to eat and there was nothing I could do. Thankfully it’s gone now.

Now I have two cold sores (ew), one on each side of my lip. Ow! According to my Micro professor, the virus thinks I’m dying and is trying to escape to someone else. I could see why it thinks that.

It takes me forever to get to sleep, even if I’m tired. I wake up at least once, usually twice, early in the morning and sometimes can’t get back to sleep. This is so not like me. So frustrating.

I, just recently, developed sensitive skin and got part of my skin ripped off with part of my eyebrow wax. Ouch again.

I’m way out of shape. Duh, already knew that, but it was confirmed.

And of course, the emotional part of my life is an absolute mess. The past day I’ve been really down. I’m grouchy toward my poor mom. I feel so alone. I can’t even put it into words.






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