Mindy as the student

I am a student. Currently an undergraduate student at MUST. I’ve played this role as a student for as long as I can remember, with the exception of Fall 2008. And I still have many years ahead of me.

I’ve been called an over-achiever and the Teacher’s Pet. My bff lovingly gave me the nickname of Miss 98 and she fully expects me to live up to that name. I’ve earned the title of Valedictorian and I’ve made a few appearances on the Dean’s List.

However, I honestly don’t see myself as one of those “smart kids.” I think I just work hard and happen to be good at school. It may also be due to the fact that I’m a perfectionist so I expect nothing else but A’s. I am blessed with an ability to do well on tests, which is key in college. And sometimes, I think God intervenes and takes my tests. How else did I get B’s on chemistry tests?! Oftentimes weird things happen and luck is on my side, like when I get all B’s on tests in chemistry, but the teacher gives enough homework to get an A. There’s so many instances where it always just works out.

Maybe it’s because I went to pre-school three times. My birthday was two days too late for the kindergarten cut off date.

I’ve never earned a B in a class (as the final grade) and I’m kinda nervous for my first one! I don’t know how I’ll react, but I do expect to get one sometime. I try to be realistic about it, like when I have to take Organic Chemistry that I have been avoiding for so long. I kinda wish I would just get a B and get it over with. Then maybe I wouldn’t feel so pressured to not break the pattern of A’s. No one is pressuring me but myself. My parents never ever pressured me; they just let me be. They were proud and I knew it, but they didn’t make a big deal of my good grades. I liked it that way.

From the very beginning, I was always self-motivated to do my very best and I always set high standards. I suppose it’s just part of my DNA because I don’t see it any other way.

I’m the kind of student who wants instant feedback on my tests and assignments. I love getting my grade back and I like to figure out my mistakes and the correct answer. If I don’t, it just doesn’t feel complete.

One weird thing about me being a student… I’m not sure where I learned this, but I rest my pencil on the wrong finger. I used to press down reallly hard when I was first writing as a young student, so now my finger is not so pretty. I’m glad it’s not my left hand because it’s my ring finger! People always said I had “the nicest handwriting,” but I don’t think it’s all that great. It’s neat, but I’ve seen better!

I’ve changed my ways as a student from high school to college. School became serious and I had to adjust likewise. I had to learn how to study and take effective notes because high school was a joke and did not prepare me. Especially as a biology major. My friend joked that I write down everything the professor says. Not quite everything, haha. I start studying for tests a week in advance because otherwise I freak out and get anxiety.

I like to be prepared and organized. I double check the directions to be sure I follow them correctly. As soon as I get the syllabus, I write down all the assignments and tests in my planner. I highlight the days we complete on the syllabus and I refer to it often.

Call me a nerd if you’d like, but it works for me! :)

You may be surprised to know that I do not sit in the front row. You can usually find me close to the middle or even closer to the back. I’m not even that student who asks a million questions in class! Maybe it throws the professors for a loop.

I also didn’t get a 36 on the ACT. I didn’t even earn a 30! So maybe I’m not so great at standardized tests. And my long-term memory likes to fail me, which sometimes makes me feel like I’ll graduate knowing nothing.

College professors and classes intimidate me at the beginning of a semester. I drop a class right away if it scares me too much. But I try to do my research beforehand and find out what to expect and which professor is the best. I would feel much more comfortable to see the syllabus before I even walk in on the first day. After the first week, I feel overwhelmed and stressed, but I eventually get over it.

I like to help others study, understand material, and do their best. Which is probably good since I’m studying education. However, I am afraid that as a teacher I may set the expectations too high for the students. I do understand that not everyone is good at school, but I think it would take some work to practice that.

I don’t feel like I’m good at doing many things. Usually, I’m just alright at something. School is something I do well.

The funny thing is I don’t even like school very much! Near the end of elementary, I decided I wasn’t too fond of it. In middle school, I went through a short phase where I wanted to be home-schooled. Maybe it’s more of a love/hate relationship.

I am a transfer student and soon-to-be a senior (by credit hours that is). I hope I like that title because I’ll be one for a while.





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