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Are you a member of BlogHer? I joined BlogHer this summer, but never did anything further. The blogging community has a clever name, but it seems too overwhelming.. where do you even start?

But… just this week I discovered their special offers! Also known as… giveaways! They have BlogHer reviewers that review products and then give away nice things. (How do you become one of those? That’s what I’d like to know.) It’s easy to enter the giveaways if you have the time. You don’t even have to follow the blogs that host the reviews and giveaways… you can just go enter and they’ll contact you via email if you win! I hope I win something because I think I entered every single one. (Addicted? Maybe.)

But come on, I like having a 1 in 19 chance to win $100! Do you? You can ignore the rest of this post if you don’t like that idea, but I’m going to tell you about some of the current giveaways (and give you links) so I can earn an extra entry for each one. I even let you know how many comments some of them currently have so you know your chances. The winners are all chosen randomly! Just make sure you follow the simple directions on how to enter! Each one is a little different. Here I go…

8 chances to win an Aquaphor gift basket (worth $118) + $100 Visa Card
Ends soon… Tuesday, December 15th!

1) She Just Reviews It
2) kirida reviews
3) 1 Ideal Life
4) Little Bites of Heaven
5) Loralee’s Looney Tunes
6) This Northern Life
7) A Girl and A Boy (only 82 comments)
8) Kelly’s Reviews (817 comments.. by far the most)

7 chances to win $100 Visa gift card (Arbor Mist review)
Ends December 31st, must be 21 to enter

1) Lucky Cat reviews (under 30 comments)
2) Your Style Star (19 comments)
3) Meg’s Rad Reviews
4) Slice of Pink
5) Oh! How Lovely
6) Joy Unexpected
7) Michelle Woo (27 comments)
8) BlogHer page (only 17 comments!)

8 chances to win a $100 Visa gift cards (Hershey Kisses review)
Ends December 31st

1) Quadville
2) Fiddledeedee
3) Fluid Pudding
4) Swistle
5) Life With The Boys (81 comments)
6) Oh the Joys (67 comments)
7) Salsa in China
8) Big Mama (over 1,000 comments)

8 chances to win an Intel gadget worth $500
Ends December 30th

1) I am Style-ish
2) Michelle Woo
3) This Full House (100 comments)
4) Fluid Pudding
5) Show Me the Curry (127 comments)
6) Megan’s Minute
7) Nothing but Bonfires
8) Suburban Turmoil

5 chances to win a HP TouchSmart 600 PC*
Ends December 24th

1) Totally Together Reviews
2) Kelly’s Reviews
3) MckGiveaways
4) NieNie reviews
5) Boo Mama

*Your chances are much more slim on this giveaway… comments in the thousands. Feeling extra lucky?

There’s a few more giveaways so I’ll be posting about them soon. Sorry if all this giveaway stuff is annoying to you. But do let me know if you decide to enter (and win)!

I’ll be sure to let you know if I win anything after all this effort! Oh, and if I happen to find a life between now and then… Ha. :)





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