Happy Monday!

I have a problem.

Well actually, I have a lot of those, but this one is minor.

I won the cutest Christmas chalkboard ever from Playing Grown-Up.

Isn’t it awesome? No, winning the chalkboard is not the problem. Here’s another picture, but one that she took…

As you can see, it’s actually being used as a chalkboard in this picture from her blog. When I received it the other day, it was blank and … it’s still blank.

I considered finding some chalk and writing on it, but just thinking about it makes me cringe and I can already feel the gross, chalky feeling on my fingers.

I was hoping it was magnetic, but I’m not going to complain because I really like it and I could suck it up and use chalk or… maybe tape something on it?! It’s cute no matter what. Problem solved.

Speaking of giveaways, did you think my lucky streak ended? I thought it might’ve until I won this December giveaway yesterday from the Life of A Suburban Princess.

I’ve been entering lots more giveaways … like this one for a wall decal from The Design Girl’s Merry Little Christmas Giveaway. Go enter if you’d like. I would tell you about more giveaways but I’ve honestly lost track and the list of blogs I follow is getting a little bit out of control.

It felt kind of good to not post on here for a few days. Now that the pressure is off from NaBloPoMo, I can blog as I please! I’ll still try to blog frequently though. Try.

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of energy trying to keep depression away, fighting off anxiety, and finding some motivation to write three papers. How exhausting. I had anxiety (not social anxiety) for no good reason pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday. It makes it nearly impossible to do homework, but somehow I managed to write three silly papers. By silly I mean that anxiety was unnecessary. One paper, one test, and one week to go!!! Unfortunately, it’s a history paper and test so I’m sure anxiety is here to stay for the next week. But then I can celebrate another successful semester!

I also babysat twice over the weekend and saw the first snow flurries of the season! Very exciting, although it was just a tease.

Today I’m welcoming in the last week of classes for the semester! I made it! (Well, almost.)

Now I’m off to dig deep for some motivation to write my history paper and go to my last Ed 174 class tonight. If you can even call it a real class because we’ll just be turning in our papers, filling out the teacher evaluation, and I’ll be back home within the same hour. Our last test in that class was cancelled, along with the last 3 chapters of the book. Sometimes I just love MUST. For the wrong reasons of course.

Happy Monday-of-the-end-of-classes-this-semester!





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