Lunch Date at Sybill’s Saint James

With the Canon 7D, I captured a mother-daughter lunch date to one of our local favorites.

Nothing other than Sybill’s Saint James, a fine-dining restaurant perfectly placed in a small, rural town.

When inside, you forget that you passed a field of cows and hay-bales on the way.

It can be as formal as you make it, but it can also be a casual place for lunch.

Better yet, a delectable lunch at affordable prices.

Out-of-towners make a special trip to enjoy the exceptional dining experience.

And it’s a place for locals to treat their visitors, celebrate special occasions, or enjoy just because.

Sybill’s used to be a rarity for us, a place to eat dinner before Prom or to celebrate a birthday.

But we soon became regulars after my Dad passed away.  It was an inviting place to go and close to home, but a way to escape for a bit.

They know us by name.  Knowing our family situation, they offered my Mom a job to care for the flowers.

I hardly ever order the same thing, as they feature specials and have a lot to offer.

What you can expect to be on my plate, are the sweet potato fries.

They are heavenly, drizzled with a brown sugar glaze. It’s a side item and dessert all in one.

So is their blueberry pomegranate iced tea.  My very favorite, ever.  So good I had to buy some leaves to make it at home.

The few times I’ve had the chocolate lava cake, it was to die for (maybe not quite that literal, but close).

I would indulge in it more often, but my stomach has a limited capacity.  Sigh.

Oh and I can’t forget…their signature house salad is the best.

It’s all good, from the bread to the salad to the meal.

No wonder why we make a weekly appearance.

If you ever find yourself in this area, you better make yourself some reservations to Sybill’s.





5 responses to “Lunch Date at Sybill’s Saint James”

  1. Sara Avatar
    I think they need to hire you for their advertising. Great job! You’ve really been quite the little blogger lately.
  2. Carriejo Avatar
    sweet potato fries…yes please!
  3. Ann Avatar
    These pictures are beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at them, and I have to say that those sweet potato fries look amazing.
  4. pastorsgirlsponderings Avatar
    wonderful photos! i'm drooling over those sweet potato fries…mmm. they look delicious.
  5. Chrissy Avatar
    Wow! Awesome pics! I'll be a big girl someday and have a cool camera like that! :o)

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