Confession: I stopped following your blog.

This weekend, I “un-followed” the 400+ blogs in my Blogger Dashboard and cleared out my Google Reader.

I am finished reading blogs.


Just kidding.

That was a bad joke.  Actually, I am finished reading blogs via Blogger Dashboard.  I’m moving up in the blogging world!  I’ve long known about Google Reader, but just never could change my habit from the way I started out reading blogs.  So, to solve my silly problem, I am no longer going to “follow” blogs with Google Friend Connect.  One by one (what a pain!), I un-followed all the blogs so I have no choice but to stop using the Blogger Dashboard.  I don’t even use my Blogger Blog anymore, anyway!

Next I cleared out the mess I had in my Google Reader and started over.  I don’t read nearly as many blogs as I did before, so I remembered the ones I usually read.  Right now I have less than 30 blogs in my Reader.  A big difference from the 400+ I was following.  Soo many of those blogs I just “followed” so I could enter a giveaway.  How horrible is that?  I haven’t had the patience to do that lately, hence the decrease in blog giveaway winnings.

So, if I should be reading your blog because you read mine or because yours is totally awesome, tell me!  I’ll add it to my new and improved Reader.  :o)

P.S. -I recommend you check out this awesome photography blog, which I just recently started reading.  Also, give The Pioneer Woman a second chance if you’re like me.  I did, and decided I like her.  Her blog overwhelmed me at first.





4 responses to “Confession: I stopped following your blog.”

  1. Chrissy Avatar
    I read yours…and mine is totally awesome. ;o)
  2. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    I know you just couldn’t survive the day without a glimpse of my adorable children…you’d better read mine! lol, just joking, you see them enough in real life that I”m sure you could handle going a day or two without seeing them and hearing about all of their antics!
  3. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Of course I read yours!!! You should totally read mine too ;o)
  4. katie beth Avatar
    katie beth
    you’re funny.

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