Sole Hope Party

Please excuse the week-long blogging break.  Sometimes life gets so busy that I can’t keep up with everything!  I’m sure you understand.  I’m back though and have a LONG list of things to blog about. :)


Remember the Pad Party in September and Project 11 (Safe Birthing Kits) in January?  Well, our local “Helping From Home” small group, led by Ashley, is now doing a similar project once a month.  YAY, more opportunities to help others in need!  I say bring it on – the more, the better!

Tomorrow we are having our monthly project and I can’t wait!  But first, let tell you about the Sole Hope party that Ashley hosted in February.

Ashley met the founder of Sole Hope, Asher Collie, at a conference in January and was inspired by her non profit.

Our mission is to provide HOPE for widows, orphans, and others in impoverished and forgotten communities around the world through the trade of shoe-making.

Not only does Sole Hope provide fare-wage jobs for the widows, but it also puts shoes on the feet of orphans.  Why shoes?  They are more important than you may think.  They protect your feet, and thus body, from disease caused from insects and worms.  If you want to get the graphic, but real picture, watch this video.

So what did we do to help?

We gathered a TON of old jeans, traced and cut out the pattern for the shoes, which would be later be sewed and made complete with a sole made from old tires.  We made a total of 32 (partial) shoes, which will literally save lives.

Check out the Sole Hope website and blog and Facebook page to see how you can help too.  I am so glad that Ashley introduced us to this project and that we had a small part helping make this happen.  I’m sharing it with you so that you can also be aware and help if you choose.

Thank you for the photos Ashley!





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  1. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    Thank YOU for your commitment to helping others! All the glory needs to go to God!! :0) See you this afternoon! I’m excited…
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  4. Haven Miller Avatar
    Haven Miller
    Hi, I already planned a Shoe Cutting party and it’s in 3 days, but I didn’t know you had to purchase the kits, I thought the templates and patterns were free! I really just need the patterns so that I can cut out the jeans and send them to Sole Hope. By the time I order the kit it will get here in weeks from now, and my party is in 3 days and I can’t postpone it because it’s for an organization on my college campus. Could you please e-mail me the dimensions and a picture of the patterns for the shoes so that I can help out? My e-mail is Thanks, Haven Miller

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