Top 10 Apartment Must-Haves

For the first time, we are official apartment renters. Well technically, it’s Ryan’s place first and then I’ll move in later. Nevertheless, we both still had to agree on where we wanted to live. We had a similar list of apartment “must-haves” (shocking, I know!) and searched for apartments in Indy via We narrowed our list down to 10 apartments or so and Ryan started apartment hunting.

After seeing just three of them on the first day, he found the winner! I trusted his opinion since he is really picky when it comes to that sort of thing. I probably would’ve wanted to see ALL the apartments just because I’m that kind of girl who likes to see all the possible options. (You know, like seeing what’s on EVERY channel before deciding what to watch on TV). So it’s probably a good thing he was quick about it and I was stuck here in Missouri for that process!

Anyway, here’s a few “selling points” that helped us seal the deal… (not in any particular order)

1 – Washer & Dryer

Not just a hookup, but an actual personal washer & dryer in each apartment. I don’t want to make weekly trips to the laundry mat or have to buy my own machines!

2 – Adequate Storage Space

Apartments are already small… so storage space is key. This particular apartment has walk-in closets in both bedrooms, and lots of other closets and storage space.

3 – Two Bedrooms

One for sleeping and one for work. It’s been too long that the office and bedroom have been one room so it’s finally time to separate them!

4 – Good Location

Fishers, Indiana is actually named one of the top cities to live in the country! This apartment is also among a lake and woods, so you have the convenience of a city, but not necessarily the feel. We’re close to Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Orange Leaf, Chick-fil-A… you know, all the important places.

5 – Pets Are Welcome (PAW)

We (okay, I) like our furry friends! It would be lonely without Onyx the kitty cat.

6 – Private Entrance

A private entrance makes it feel more like home and less like community living.

7 – Open Layout

Again, we don’t want to feel claustrophobic in an apartment. An open floor plan with high ceilings and lots of windows is ideal, and even though we didn’t get vaulted ceilings – it’s a trade off because we’re on the 1st floor. Plus, we get extra storage space under the stairs (see #2).

8 – Wood Burning Fire Place

Hey, it wasn’t necessarily on our list- but we’re not complaining! A wood burning fireplace for those cold Indiana winters will help make them a little more bearable.

9 – Updated Appliances, Clean Carpet, etc

Call us spoiled, but we want something nice. Since we’re just renting, we can’t make any major changes so what we’re stuck with what we get. We want to be proud of our first apartment and enjoy what we are paying for. They actually put in brand new carpet and appliances before Ryan moved in.

10 – The “Extras”

Again, these weren’t necessarily on our list, but they’re a perk. Tennis courts, workout gym, & pool – sure, we’ll take it!

What are your apartment (or house) must-haves? Finding the right apartment was just the first step – keep reading for the shopping, decorating, and making it our own!






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