Giving Gifts Pt. 1

Although neither of our “love languages” are gift giving, we do enjoy giving each other gifts on Holidays. How we approach gift giving is a little bit different, however. Not only the types of gifts themselves are different, but also the way that we present the gifts. Things may even change more now that we share bank accounts and can’t exactly “hide” any purchases from one another.

She says….

I love giving Ryan gifts almost more than receiving them! After 6 years together, I feel like I know what types of gifts Ryan likes and I haven’t run out of ideas yet! Well, I should say I think he enjoys the gifts I give him – or he might be good at faking it! Either way, I usually have a gift in mind before the holiday even rolls around. A little confession ~ I had his engagement gift bought months before he even proposed! Hah. :o)

Normally, I am a mix of a practical & fun gift giver. Sometimes I can do a combination of both like a wooden spoon for the kitchen that is also a drum stick. Or lumps of coal for his stocking that is actually soap. (Yay for handmade gifts!)

However, I really enjoy giving non-practical, fun items because I know he would never buy them for himself. I also like the surprise factor that comes with it. For example ~ his engagement gift was a framed print for our room.

I especially love fun gifts for Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be our anniversary. For Valentine’s Day last year, I got him magazine subscriptions. Not exactly practical, but not totally non-functional either. I also had to make him a little Valentine’s mailbox too. ;o)

But I also know that he likes functional things – so I try to mix those in as well. For his 24th birthday, I got him a coffee grinder and electric kettle. He was sort of expecting them & of course loved them! I leave the more practical things for his birthday or Christmas.

Another more recent trend is giving him a gift that I also like or can use. Hah, I guess that comes with living together and sharing the same things. For Christmas, I got him shower curtains – which of course is practical for both of us. Oh and a scalp massager – hint – that he can use on my head!

He says….

Gift giving isn’t an area I have great expertise or experience in at all. I more closely resemble the person that would rather do something for someone or spend time with them than simply give them a gift. I have nothing against gift giving at all, I just seem to be wired differently. With that said I do have fun giving gifts, but when I have a gift to give I can’t help but be practical with it.

I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but just to show you how I think – I had a hard time getting an engagement ring for Mindy. I knew what she was after, at least had an idea. When it came to going to buy it though, I was more inclined to spend that money on business expenses like another lens or camera body. Something that had more tangible results in my mind.

Like I said, don’t take me wrong. I know the significance of her ring and what it represents, and really appreciate the symbolism. I also think I got her a nice sparkler, and it was awesome to give it. So I think I did good! I really like her ring, it just doesn’t connect the same to me.

One Valentine’s Day, I bought Mindy a wireless mouse and put it inside a chocolate box. Hah. Mindy hates chocolates anyway! If I got her chocolates I’d have to eat them all.

Now, even though you may think I hate gifts I promise I don’t. I often feel bad when people get me gifts and I haven’t even thought to do the same for them, woops! It makes me feel inconsiderate that I’m not a good gift giver. But I always come back to telling myself any relationship isn’t based around the gifts, and can’t be bought off a shelf.

With that said I do like to show my appreciation to my friends and family, just apparently not through gifts!


What kind of gift giver are you? Which do you enjoy the most ~ giving or receiving?

Stay tuned for Part II when we contrast our ways of presenting gifts. :)






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