Pistachio Addict

It’s time for another confession.

IMG_3605My addiction to almonds has expanded to another tree nut: pistachios. This happened this year when I innocently tried pistachios and now they’ve become a staple in my diet. There must be a reason or explanation for this; maybe my body craves a specific nutrient in these tree nuts! I’m not sure it’s so great though since it adds another 300-ish calories to my daily intake. At least they’re healthy calories, right? Oh my, this leads me to…

Ten reasons I know I’m addicted to Pistachios (This may sound familiar: see almond addiction).

  1. I try to justify eating two servings a day. (See above)
  2. I buy three 1-lb bags at a time, to make sure I don’t run out.
  3. It makes me mad that it’s hard to find them UNsalted. Why cover up the delicious taste and add sodium? I can rely on Trader Joe’s though!
  4. Opening up the shells is half the fun! (Although it’s not great on your nails)
  5. Speaking of the shells, I leave the evidence in a lot of places (random cups in the car, my desk, etc)
  6. Our friends say our car smells like them! (This is borderline embarrassing).
  7. I take some with me when I travel.
  8. My friend is worried I might turn green.
  9. It’s probably not safe for someone with tree nut allergies to come near me.
  10. I blog about them…







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