Sick of being sick

I wrote a post yesterday, but didn’t publish it because it was very negative. So I’ll try to say it in a different way in this one/leave some thoughts out.

I’ve been kinda bummed for no reason. I’ll be happy one minute, and then sad the next. It’s very annoying. I’ve also been lacking motivation and energy. It doesn’t help that I’m sick though… maybe that is my main problem.
I am SO tired of coughing! It’s been like 5 days of coughing now and I’ve had enough. It wakes me up every night and I have to take more prescription cough medicine (the OTC stuff never works for me), drink hot tea, try a cough drop, and every other trick there is until I can get back to sleep. It has stuff in it that knocks me out…in other words, I’ve been sleeping A LOT (with lots of dreams, good ones until last night).
I can’t believe how FAST this week went by.. it blows my mind. Hopefully this next week will be better and I will feel better.


Problem: I can’t ever think of anything to blog about, yet I feel like blogging! I do have a post for ready for Valentine’s Day.

It has officially been a week since my AIM/FB leave. Now I’m wondering–hmm..should I really get back on or go longer without them? It’s actually been kind of nice– more productive, less discouraged. I’ll think about it.

I cannot believe how FAST the weeks fly!!! I don’t even have time to complain that the weekend goes by quickly because the next weekend comes around just like that. It’s so weird- I can’t keep up. Tomorrow is a month into this semester! It’s gone well so far. I’ve had two bio tests and I know I did really well on my cell one (I actually got 100%, but I didn’t miss zero). I haven’t found out about micro yet. I know one thing- It is no fun studying by myself.

I’m so ready for SPRING! It’s been spring-like weather, but it’s just a tease because it’s still February and will turn cold again I’m sure. Last night there were thunderstorms and even a tornado watch! Thunderstorms at night make me wanna cuddle up next to this cute boy that is far far away from me. :( Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.

A view into my oh so exciting life:
This past weekend I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You.” It was a definite chick flick– many many girls can relate.
Saturday afternoon/night I babysat overnight. They are really easy girls to babysit.
Sunday I went to church- I started a Beth Moore Bible study- “Believing God” a couple weeks ago. I really like it so far. The rest of the day I studied for micro and read for cell.
Thankfully this week is pretty laid back. Monday I babysat from about 4 PM- 11 PM- also easy going kids. Today I got a new phone! The white Samsung Propel. It’s my Valentine’s present from last year, haha. It’s basically because I couldn’t decide on a phone until now. Now I’m going to get a hair trim soon.

Oh, last night I had this weird dream that my mom scheduled me to get my tonsils removed, and I was about ready to go into surgery and I was like WAIT! I can’t miss classes because of this, so we’ll have to reschedule.
The reason why I am dreaming about a tonsillectomy is because I have tonsilloliths which are really really disgusting.

Alright, I’m done boring you for now..