Problem: I can’t ever think of anything to blog about, yet I feel like blogging! I do have a post for ready for Valentine’s Day.

It has officially been a week since my AIM/FB leave. Now I’m wondering–hmm..should I really get back on or go longer without them? It’s actually been kind of nice– more productive, less discouraged. I’ll think about it.

I cannot believe how FAST the weeks fly!!! I don’t even have time to complain that the weekend goes by quickly because the next weekend comes around just like that. It’s so weird- I can’t keep up. Tomorrow is a month into this semester! It’s gone well so far. I’ve had two bio tests and I know I did really well on my cell one (I actually got 100%, but I didn’t miss zero). I haven’t found out about micro yet. I know one thing- It is no fun studying by myself.

I’m so ready for SPRING! It’s been spring-like weather, but it’s just a tease because it’s still February and will turn cold again I’m sure. Last night there were thunderstorms and even a tornado watch! Thunderstorms at night make me wanna cuddle up next to this cute boy that is far far away from me. :( Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.

A view into my oh so exciting life:
This past weekend I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You.” It was a definite chick flick– many many girls can relate.
Saturday afternoon/night I babysat overnight. They are really easy girls to babysit.
Sunday I went to church- I started a Beth Moore Bible study- “Believing God” a couple weeks ago. I really like it so far. The rest of the day I studied for micro and read for cell.
Thankfully this week is pretty laid back. Monday I babysat from about 4 PM- 11 PM- also easy going kids. Today I got a new phone! The white Samsung Propel. It’s my Valentine’s present from last year, haha. It’s basically because I couldn’t decide on a phone until now. Now I’m going to get a hair trim soon.

Oh, last night I had this weird dream that my mom scheduled me to get my tonsils removed, and I was about ready to go into surgery and I was like WAIT! I can’t miss classes because of this, so we’ll have to reschedule.
The reason why I am dreaming about a tonsillectomy is because I have tonsilloliths which are really really disgusting.

Alright, I’m done boring you for now..





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