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  • Death in His Grave

    I thought this was an appropriate time of year (Easter) to share with you my very favorite worship song.  (I do have a close second favorite, but I’d have to say this is first). Plus, the artist, John Mark McMillan, just posted on his blog a line-by-line commentary of the song, including verses to explain each […]

  • 22 Years Young.. or Old?

    One week ago today I celebrated my 22nd birthday!  It was 8.2.10 (8+2=10, get it?). I had lots of good company, including my immediate family, my Aunt Marcie, my Cousin Darah and her boyfriend Micah, my BFF Nour, my FMIL Sara, and my paternal Grandparents.  Notice I didn’t mention Ryan.  :o(  He was at camp […]