I’m thankful…

I think I need to write some positive things. Agree? Ok! :)

1) I found out today that our cell lab quiz on Friday is take home! Yesss, less stress.
2) Micro lab was only 20 minutes today.
3) I calmed down.
4) I almost finished my study guide for Micro. Tomorrow I’m done with class at noon so I’ll study then.
5) I LOVE my friends. They must love me for putting up with me. And I’m not joking. They are so amazing.
6) The 5 day forecast is 60-70 degree weather. Oh yes. SO excited.
7) One week until St. Pat’s Break. [Could be a good thing I guess.]
8) My dad is starting to feel a little bit better by the day.
9) Today I happened to park in a spot where the meter already had 2 hrs in it! Yeah! haha, even though I only needed 30 minutes. It’s fun when you don’t have to pay. [FUN?! I am socially deprived.]
10) Group lab reports for cell are actually kind of nice.
11) Some things I’m “learning” in Micro, we already learned in Cell. Phew. Thank you cell professor for actually teaching.
12) I had to drive back and forth to Rolla 3 x today but my mom took me one time. Woo!
13) I have a place to live next year if I’m supposed to go back to AU. [Well officially as of tomorrow.]
14) We are half way through the semester! Mid-term grades next week!

Transfer student weirdness

*Once again, comparing my school (S&T) to another school (AU) instead of doing homework*

1) 90-100% is an A, 80-89% is a B…. No A-, B-, etc! Woo!
2) This semester is an extra week and 2 days longer than AU’s. :( Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Missouri thing.
3) Instead of Easter Break to observe one of the most important times in history, S&T gets St. Pat’s Break. (So that the majority of the campus can get wasted).
4) S&T has REALLY expensive microscopes, like the electron microscope, phase contrast, & Nomarski
5) S&T has “clicker” classrooms where you use clickers to take quizzes or answer questions.
6) At S&T you pay by the credit hour, it’s not one set price for full time status like at AU.

By the way, I realized that after this semester I will have credit from 4 different colleges. Oh and also today I applied for AU for the third time. Sigh.