Transfer student weirdness

*Once again, comparing my school (S&T) to another school (AU) instead of doing homework*

1) 90-100% is an A, 80-89% is a B…. No A-, B-, etc! Woo!
2) This semester is an extra week and 2 days longer than AU’s. :( Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Missouri thing.
3) Instead of Easter Break to observe one of the most important times in history, S&T gets St. Pat’s Break. (So that the majority of the campus can get wasted).
4) S&T has REALLY expensive microscopes, like the electron microscope, phase contrast, & Nomarski
5) S&T has “clicker” classrooms where you use clickers to take quizzes or answer questions.
6) At S&T you pay by the credit hour, it’s not one set price for full time status like at AU.

By the way, I realized that after this semester I will have credit from 4 different colleges. Oh and also today I applied for AU for the third time. Sigh.






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