Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It wasn’t me….

I did not yet again fall for and believe the predicted snowfall amounts… you know, the forecast they changed from 10 inches to maybe, half of that. They were a bit off on this “big snowstorm”, but of course they’re still making a big deal out of it. When will I learn? Sigh.

Since the forecast has changed, I am still not hoping for the best (or worst, however you want to put it) … and for a cancelled class tomorrow. If I was, however, I might be thinking my professor has to commute from St. Louis and the roads may be slick. But of course, I’m not thinking that because I gave up on these high hopes. If only colleges cancelled as often as primary and secondary schools. My brother got out early today for no reason! The snow didn’t even stick to the road.

Seriously, it’s not me who is still talking about the weather and adding to the hype. I have better things to talk about.

I am not going to “toot my own horn” and say I made the highest grade in the class on my psych tests last week. Nope, not me!

Tomorrow is my 6 month check-up at the dentist and my Mom did not have to make the appointment because I would’ve put it off… ’til, maybe another 6 months. I’m not anxious that they might see my wisdom teeth… and I’m definitely not glad that we don’t have dental insurance so we can’t afford an x-ray. Nope, not me… I am a brave and smart patient!

Speaking of which… I did not have a nightmare (about a Dr appt today) that the doctor pulled out a huge needle and had to draw blood. Me? Imagining such a silly thing when I was going to the doctor for anxiety? Never!

I have not gained a few pounds lately because of the abundance of cookies and the extreme lack of exercise. Nope, not me!

Today I did not park illegally on the street because I couldn’t find a parking spot before class! The limited parking at MUST does not make me want to cuss! (I didn’t get a ticket though!)

It has not been an embarrassingly long amount of time since I’ve shaved my legs… umm, we won’t even go there!

And along those same lines, it is not becoming rare for me to wear make-up and fix my hair. What the heck? I’m not that lazy! I still want to look nice, even when my boyfriend isn’t here.

I am definitely not feeling disappointed about the fact that I’ve been entering a ton of giveaways and haven’t won another one since 2009. Nope, I’m happy with the significant amount of goodies I won in the end of 2009.

A ton of little things have not been getting on my nerves lately… nope, I only feel PMS-y a few days out of the month when there’s actual biological reason.

Okay, I’ve had enough confessing for one day! Do you have a Not Me! moment to share?


Do you ever feel like doing something because someone tells you not to do it? I thought so. Like if I said, don’t read this post, I bet you’ll read it.

Everyday we get announcements in our school email about happenings around campus like about the swine and National Coming Out Week and other things I ignore. Well as I was glancing at one from the other day I couldn’t help but notice this first news item…

Current News:

We are Missouri S&T or S&T for short. The University realizes our new name is long, so use Missouri S&T for short. But if you’re looking for a three-syllable replacement for UMR, it’s okay to use S&T. It’s easy, it’s new, and just takes a little practice. Why not say MST or MS&T? Because S&T is unique. We’re the only S&T in the nation, it’s a term we can own. Consistency is the key to a successful university identity. Therefore, in all your communications, please use Missouri S&T or S&T. For more information about how to use our name, our logo, and our brand identity, visit

They were ever so kindly reminding us about the rules of their name since no one can get it right. (Not even some professors.) This isn’t the first time and I have
mentioned it before.

Because they told me not to, I think I’ll call it anything but S&T… like MUST. (Well actually they didn’t mention MUST but that one is supposed to be a given.) Their name game is now a pet peeve of mine. MUST is in fact the initials so why leave out any important letters like the U or the M? It is a University of Missouri, are they ashamed? If it spells a word, so be it. They should’ve thought of that when they were naming it… like when parents name a baby some make sure their initials won’t be weird (like PMS or something). They could even use it to their advantage, “You MUST go here. It’s the best school ever (or we have the best St. Pat’s ever… something like that.)

I MUST transfer.