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  • Cocoa Beach

    {Florida trip continued.. catch up here.} On Thursday (July 15th), Christy had to go to work (boo!) so Ryan and I stayed home with the kids instead of their usual routine of daycare.  Christian was VERY excited about that.  And I was too, because I love those kiddos! I ever so kindly let Ryan sleep […]

  • 1,100 Miles, One-Way

    On Tuesday the 13th, Ryan and I began our road trip to the Sunshine State.  Packed up in my Civic Hybrid were all the necessities… beach towels, swimsuits, beach umbrella, snacks, a cooler, and our bikes (the only thing we forgot was shampoo/conditioner.  My fault!)  We kind of got a late start for such a […]

  • Flo-Rida

    As of 11 pm last night, Ryan and I are back home in good ol’ Missouri from our trip to Florida.  It’s definitely bittersweet to be back.  Since I only blogged a few times while I was there and kind of left you hanging (sorry!), I will be posting about our trip over the next […]

  • Prohibited, But Not Enforced

    We have clothes on under that 6’x6′ towel (fooled ya!), but the people on Lot Number 13 at Playalinda Beach were not covered with anything.  We had to see it to believe it, and trust me, it’s really a nude beach.  Nudity may be prohibited, but it sure isn’t enforced.  Lot number 9 was more […]

  • I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars

    Ow ow! Look at that good-looking cyclist.  They don’t get much cuter than that. I made him model for me. Isn’t he so kind to be compliant? Because he’s way too adorable not to be photographed.  On his Trek. Good thing we have nice helmets to protect our heads. Because sometimes I get a good […]