Cocoa Beach

{Florida trip continued.. catch up here.}

On Thursday (July 15th), Christy had to go to work (boo!) so Ryan and I stayed home with the kids instead of their usual routine of daycare.  Christian was VERY excited about that.  And I was too, because I love those kiddos!

I ever so kindly let Ryan sleep in while I got up at 7:30 AM with Amelia (he let me sleep in the next time, all is fair in love and babysitting!)  We watched Elmo, Thomas the Train while playing with trains, and made pancakes for breakfast.

After a little grocery shopping and more relaxing at home, we packed up some sandwiches and headed to the beach.  Cocoa Beach, to be exact.  I was beyond excited to see the ocean again, as 3 years was far too long to be away.  This time we were on the Atlantic side of Florida, so it has a different feel to it than the Gulf.  Waves made for surfing and boogie boarding, in trade for the calmer, bluer waters.  Still amazing, nonetheless.  Florida has the best of both worlds and I’m glad I have now experienced both!

We had a blast!  Ryan and Christian took off with their boogie boards, while I hung around in shallow water with Amelia.  Eventually, she warmed up to the water and did a little “boogie boarding” herself in the shallows.  She also finally let me leave her with Ryan while I tried out the boogie boards (my first time ever!)  I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was fun anyway.  Christian is a little fish and does wonderful in the water for a 6-year-old!

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I had almost forgotten how sand gets EVERYWHERE.  In your ears, in your eyes, in places we won’t discuss.. oh and even in your SANDwich.  How appropriate.  I still have sand stuck in my teeth.

After a short time at the beach, we met Christy back at home, where we made tacos for dinner and then went on our first of many bike rides of the trip!  Even though hauling our bikes on my car with a bike rack affected our gas mileage way more than I thought it would (got 30-33 MPG), it was worth all of the fun we had on our rides.

There is a cute little bike path around her neighborhood where we took our casual ride.  The evening was nice and the flat land of Florida is even nicer!  Ryan pulled Amelia in a bike trailer and she absolutely LOVED it.  The rest of the week she kept saying “Bicycle! Bicycle!”  Christian did great following alongside with his bike too.

I must admit… I crawled into the bike trailer to see if I would fit and.. lo and behold, I did.. very tightly though.  We forgot to snap a picture of that, darn!  I can see why Amelia likes it so much.  :)  I think I’ll find one that is more my size and have Ryan pull me around.

After our bike ride, Christian decided we needed to get some ice cream at their local Bruster’s and we all agreed!  Ryan and I needed to see how their “real ice cream” compared with the homemade ice cream at Ruby’s.  Our chocolate buckeye ice cream hit the right spot, but I am still biased about our hometown Ruby’s.

What is cuter than a little girl and her ice cream cone?

Florida 2010  6895 Florida 2010  6897

The rest of the night I had to do my homework (boo again!)  Thank goodness for online classes, but homework is a bit of an annoyance during a vacation!  Ha!

By the way, there are even more pictures (and a few videos), but Ryan did the fastest editing possible before he had to leave again on Saturday.  Thank you Ryan for making blogging possible!

Florida 2010  6913





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