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  • WebMD finding

    In one of my random facts posts, I said I have to let hot liquids/foods cool off before I drink/eat them to prevent my tongue from getting burnt. Well, I just found out that it also [possibly] prevents esophageal cancer! http://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20090326/hot-tea-may-raise-esophageal-cancer-risk

  • Sing like no one is listening

    Even though sometimes I get tired of driving the same route back and forth to Rolla everyday (usually twice) I do look forward to singing loudly in my car with no one to hear. Well unless it’s warm outside and I roll down the windows…lol. Or I sing Worship songs for God to hear. :) […]

  • Are you bored with random facts yet?

    First 10, then 20 …and now I have 30 random facts posted about me. 1) I’m horrible at swallowing pills (I think because I’m scared of choking). I have recently improved because I have to swallow acid reflux meds. 2) The most money/biggest prize I’ve ever won is $500 in a Dairy Queen picture contest. […]

  • God Story

    This is a random post about a short story that happened about 2-3 years ago. I just thought it’d be fun to write down. I began attending youth group at the First Church of God during the fall of 2005. I believe at this point I had been going for at least several months, maybe […]