Are you bored with random facts yet?

First 10, then 20

…and now I have 30 random facts posted about me.

1) I’m horrible at swallowing pills (I think because I’m scared of choking). I have recently improved because I have to swallow acid reflux meds.
2) The most money/biggest prize I’ve ever won is $500 in a Dairy Queen picture contest. It took some effort though. Oh and I had to split the money with Ryan. lol
3) I’ve never broken a bone… unless you count two of my toes that I think I broke when I ran into a wall. Yes I ran into a wall while walking in my house in the dark (many years ago).
4) I earned 100% on my driver’s test.
5) Sometimes it looks like I am winking at you, but I’m not doing it on purpose unless your name is Ryan Cannon Ray. I really just blink my left eye randomly & unknowingly. Especially when I’m tired (observations credited to Nour Sadek).
6) I don’t eat foods that have sodium nitrite in them (bacon, hot dogs, etc). I made this decision after first hearing about it in both biology and chemistry around the same time. It is used as a preservative in processed meat and is a carcinogen. Google it.
7) My comfort zone is very small. =(
8) If it is true that twins skip generations, I may have twins because my mom is a twin and she has twin cousins. Heeelllpppp me if they’re 9 lbs. lol.
9) I can name the countries of Central America in order from north to south very quickly. I learned that from Mrs. E and I have no idea why I remembered it.
10) I usually don’t like surprises! I really don’t like unwrapping gifts.





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