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  • Cupcakes for Kids: Results!

    Remember when I was selling cupcakes in the beginning of April? This is finally a follow-up post to tell you the AWESOME results!  What’s even better is that the results were multiplied because there was a National Cupcake Kids Sale going on in the month of April.  Cupcake sales everywhere to benefit Sixty Feet, which […]

  • Cupcakes & Babysitting

    On Wednesday, I babysat a sweet and adorable little girl since my 1 ‘o’clock class was cancelled.

  • Cupcakes for Kids!

    We are back from Georgia and unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep up with my blog while we were there… so I have lots and lots of blog posting ahead of me.  Also a busy month of school.  So wish me luck!  ha :) For now I’d like to tell you about something else that […]