Cupcakes for Kids: Results!

Remember when I was selling cupcakes in the beginning of April? This is finally a follow-up post to tell you the AWESOME results!  What’s even better is that the results were multiplied because there was a National Cupcake Kids Sale going on in the month of April.  Cupcake sales everywhere to benefit Sixty Feet, which directly benefits innocent, imprisoned children.

A few days before we delivered the cupcakes, we gathered at the local middle school kitchen with several other ladies to whip up LOTS of cupcakes.  By lots, I’m talking like 47 dozen.  I can’t take too much credit though, because I missed the whole baking process in the morning.  When I got there that evening, there were trays and trays of cupcakes.  I helped fill the orders in boxes, label them, etc.  I didn’t want to mess up the frosting so I left that up to the experts!  I could do sprinkles, hehe.  :o)

The cupcakes turned out beautiful and YUMMY!  But the best news?  Our Helping from Home group raised….

over $1500 for Sixty Feet!!!!

How will this money help the children in Uganda?

Sixty Feet takes the money we raised and puts it where it is needed the most.

So, Ashley did the math and this is (theoretically) where our money will go.  For example, it costs $25 to provide Bibles for 5 children, so with our money we could provide 296 Bibles. (Read the list as meals OR schooling OR…etc)

[box] [unordered_list style=”green-dot”]

  • 2,962 meals
  • 1 month of schooling for 211 kids
  • 296 Bibles
  • 197 blankets
  • basic medical care for 222 kids
  • 59 mattresses
  • 4 months of support for their Ugandan staff
  • 13.5 beds

[/unordered_list] [/box]


And like I said, there were cupcake sales all over the nation.  The total as of May 3rd…

over $44,500!!!!!

This is a great example of how a small amount can add up quickly.  A $1-2 donation for a cupcake?  Take that times a dozen cupcakes/order x lots of orders x lots of cupcake sales!

You can still have your own sale!  It’s a lot of work (and I wasn’t even in charge of it… thank you Ashley for all that you do!), but it’s worth it.  More than worth it.  Cupcakes=Hope.

Read this post to see the REAL cupcake kids.

Cupcakes! 3

Cupcakes! 28

Cupcakes! 11

Cupcakes! 22

Cupcakes! 14

Cupcakes! 43

Cupcakes! 51

Cupcakes! 48

Cupcakes! 44

Cupcakes! 31





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