4 down, 4 to go!

Fall Semester 2009: Check!(via Google images)

Today marked the completion of the fastest-semester-of-my-life. I know, I always say they’re fast, but really, this is getting ridiculous!! Ridiculous in a good way of course, because school certainly isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

Last semester I didn’t have a finals week, but this semester I still can’t complain because I only had one final. Although I still complained because it was in history, a class that literally made me re-consider my college career. As in… drop-out or drop-out? I had negative motivation to study for that class because there was entirely TMI. Dates, people, wars, and countries were almost impossible to remember and keep separate so I pretty much just hoped for a good grade. The only part about the class that I liked was using up all the white space on the class/teacher evaluation sheet… that’s all I have to say about that. Just talking about this class raises my blood pressure so please someone buy my books and never ask me about it again! I will have nothing to say because by the end of this week I won’t remember a thing I “learned!”

Speaking of learning, what did I learn from these 12 credit hours?

[insert cricket chirping sound here]


What I can tell you is I’ll probably never again have a class like Art Appreciation. One where you get one literal credit hour for the price of three… or you could say three credit hours in the time of one… whatever you want to call it, we weren’t in class much. I think 5 of the 15 classes were cancelled, mostly due to rain. We had no tests and no assignments besides one little (or big; your choice) paper at the end of the semester identifying our personal aesthetic. As long as we went to the ten, three-hour one-hour long classes, we are supposed to get an A…. crappy paper, or not.

I can also tell you that it doesn’t make sense that in my education class it sometimes took 3 class periods to get through one silly chapter, but in history we sped through 1 chapter in one class. So-called “survey” classes are a joke. I’m more of an all or nothing kind of girl, and survey classes are in between. You skim through a whole lot of stuff (like thousands and thousands of years worth of material) and they expect you to retain something important out of all of it. Not so much.

This semester feels like two separate parts… the reason being that the first half was really busy and filled with 120 hours of classroom experience, both in elementary and high school classrooms. After I finished those two classes, the second half of the semester was lazy, lazy, lazy. I didn’t work as a sub like I first planned because I enjoyed sleeping in too much. Mostly because I am not familiar with the word “motivation” at this point in my life. I do hope to befriend it sometime soon. I remember writing up some goals on here for this semester and without looking back on them (because I’d rather not) I can probably tell you that they were not achieved. Unfortunately, this semester was plagued with depression and anxiety like never before. I’m not so sure I can make it through a “normal” load of classes next semester without begging for some kind of meds….

Speaking of next semester… oh never mind, I do not want to talk about that right now. It will ruin my end-of-the-semester high. All I know is that I like the fall semester so much better than the “spring” one. (Spring in quotations because it should be called winter. Spring doesn’t come until the very end, in my opinion.) The spring semester is oh so long and ugh, like I said.. don’t get me started!

This is (only, sigh) my fourth semester I’ve completed, which means if I’m lucky, I’m half-way there. I am now officially a senior by credit hours and a junior by semesters attended. Just call me a senior for the next 2-3 years of my life.

With all this being said, I’m pretty confident that this semester will look good on paper (4.0) and if they put this on paper (which they should), another semester of perfect attendance! Not as note-worthy as last semester’s perfect attendance considering I only went to class 4 times a week after mid-term, but still worth bragging about a little.

If you read all this rambling and make it to this point, you deserve a congrats yourself!

Four down… four to go. I made it!

Now bring on the boyfriend.

It’s In the Genes

My friend Nour pointed out that this is my 100th blog post! Yeah!

Not just a required class I have yet to take for my degree, but an interesting topic. Even to some of those non-biology people. Right? It (literally) affects who we are and the generations before and after us. It raises questions such as… Why am I this short? Will my kids have blue eyes and brown hair? Or maybe a red-head?

And if you passed biology you know that half of your chromosomes are from Mom, and half are from Dad. But exactly what came from where? Genetic variation is quite amazing to think about.

I’ve thought about my genetic makeup many times and I have some scientifically valid ideas…

[FYI: I am not going through each of my 25,000-ish genes.]

Source of Genes: Dad

Oftentimes my thumb naturally finds itself in a comfortable position, tucked under my fingers or sometimes between fingers. I’ve actually wondered why it did it, until recently…I noticed my Dad doing the same thing. It clicked!

I also think I got my ice crunching habit from my Dad. He used to chew ice a lot when he was able. Or perhaps I’m fixated in the oral stage (Freud’s psychosexual stage theory, thought I’d throw some psych in here.)

My non-existent sense of direction. We could get lost in… our own house.

He passed onto me the Merenghi nose. I hope it’s not dominant, if noses could be categorized as such, for my future kids’ sake.

My universal donor type blood….which they say leads to a higher chance of…

Ulcers. I still don’t know for sure, but I think I have/had them. He has had them.

Still pending… Did I inherit the extra room in my mouth for wisdom teeth?

Our perfectionist nature

Source of Genes: Mom

I may or may not have the hyper ovulation gene. TMI? She is a fraternal twin (and has twin cousins), so if her mom has the gene and passed it on to my mom, she may have passed it on to me…you know how that goes. It means that I would release two eggs instead of one, increasing chances of twins. Only time will tell…

Speaking of babies, she said labor and delivery was so easy she could do it for a living. No pain medicine, extremely fast delivery, no complications. Please??

Her wisdom teeth never came in… hey, that’s even better than the idea of them fitting in my mouth!

Crypts in tonsils… which in turn causes tonsillitis (you’ve heard me mention that.) And while I’m at it, add in scoliosis. Could’ve done without, Mom!

The must-sleep-for-hours gene. Oh and I think dreaming traits are hereditary; we often remember our vivid dreams.

An attraction to men with names beginning with the letter R and containing four letters.


You didn’t happen to pick up on the fact that I don’t want to go through wisdom teeth surgery? (The dentist said I have none in my lower mouth, but some in the upper mouth, still in the gums. I don’t know if they’ll have to be removed or not.)

…Oh, and that I have not taken genetics.