Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been feeling kind of wordless lately. It’s funny though, because my mind is full of many thoughts… just to name a few: how I have three tests next week so I must pick up a text book ASAP, my tricky genetics homework and how I love my long-distance tutor but feel bad because she got roped into it, how my stomach literally has a mind of its own and is causing new anxiety problems of which I hope and pray there is a solution, Valentine’s Day and how it will quickly be here. Of course, it should be a given that my lovely boyfriend is always on my mind (and heart). As I was making something for a friend last week, I couldn’t help but think of him and got a bit distracted:

The days and weeks are adding up since I’ve last seen him… I’m in need of a Ryan hug.

Wordless Wednesday: Mmm

Agh… lazy day turned into a depressing night. With some help though, I am better for now. Thank you.

Here’s a Wordless Wednesday because I’m not in a bloggy mood. And it is Wednesday.

Ryan and I share a love …. of ice cream cake. :) Mmmm.

Wordless Friday

Does NaBloPoMo care that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in 4 weeks and now I’m here with him?

Unfortunately, no.

So, here I am … blogging out of obligation. While my boyfriend sits waiting.

I don’t know about this whole 30 posts in 30 days idea. It’s harder than I thought it would be. It gives me writer’s block. And it makes it feel like I’m blogging because I have to, not because I want to.

But anyway… does this count as a post if I leave it like this? No?

How about if I post a picture… It’ll be like Wordless Wednesday, on a Friday!

My favorite picture from my Color Guard years. I need to write about Guard sometime. So consider this a preview! :)

Off to cuddle…