Wordless Wednesday: Ace of Cakes

This is what happens when a group of science majors try to decorate a cake.

Ace of Cakes contest @ AU, 2008:

A disaster.

Honestly, we started out trying to make a castle, and when it didn’t look too hott we decided we’d be better off making a mess.

Obviously we didn’t receive any awards– but rather some funny looks. We didn’t care because the embarrassment was worth all the fun!!!

I miss my AU bio friends! :(

Wordless Wednesday: Formals

Ryan & Mindy Go Formal
Mostly good memories, but I always had the cutest date around

High School

Courtwarming 2006 (First dance together! He was King!)

Prom 2006 (His senior prom)

Homecoming 2006

Courtwarming 2007 (I was a Queen candidate, but didn’t quite make it big like him…haha)

Prom 2007 (My senior prom)


Does my cousin’s wedding count? We danced. Fall 2007

All Club Formal 2007

This picture is MIA… Ryan, can you send it to me so I can add it? :)

Freshman Formal 2008 (Re-used a dress from HS, did you notice?)