Tag: Wordless Wednesday

  • Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin

    Halloween 2006 M Squared & R Squared

  • Wordless Wednesday: Ace of Cakes

    This is what happens when a group of science majors try to decorate a cake. Ace of Cakes contest @ AU, 2008: A disaster. Honestly, we started out trying to make a castle, and when it didn’t look too hott we decided we’d be better off making a mess. Obviously we didn’t receive any awards– […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Formals

    Ryan & Mindy Go Formal Mostly good memories, but I always had the cutest date around High School Courtwarming 2006 (First dance together! He was King!) Prom 2006 (His senior prom) Homecoming 2006 Courtwarming 2007 (I was a Queen candidate, but didn’t quite make it big like him…haha) Prom 2007 (My senior prom) College Does […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Cousin

    Meet my 15-year-old cousin. Enough said.