10 Random Facts About Me

1. If I just THINK about things that give me the goosebumps, which is a long list (chalkboards, sandpaper, ceramics, etc), I get them. If I think about eating a sour food, I ‘pucker up’ like I really am.

2. I’m really terrified of getting a needle poked into my veins (for blood work, IV’s, etc). The last time I had it done I was too young to remember. Once again, just the thought of it makes me want to pass out.
3. I have a habit of/love chewing ice but I’d like to stop to save my teeth.
4. I often remember my dreams, which are vivid.
5. I am extremely “directionally challenged.” I’ll get lost anywhere.
6. I usually eat cereal & soy milk two times a day (morning & night). I love it!!
7. I hate hate throwing up or anyone else throwing up.
8. I need cuddling & hugs like I need water & air.
9. Mexican food is my favorite.
10. My tongue gets burnt easily from hot food or liquid. So I have to wait for things to cool off a bit.






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