Spool No. 72 Dresses

I just stumbled upon a clothing company called Spool No. 72 and I’m so glad I did. According to their site they’re a mother & daughters team. I LOVE their dresses and love finding new shops with cute dresses.

The good thing?  They’re reasonably priced! The bad thing? They’re so tempting to order!  I’ve warned you.  :)

Here’s a few of my current favorites:

Zig Zag Falls Dress $54.00 — MUST buy.

Fading Sun Dress $52.00

Heartland Lace Dress $52.00

Clover Field Dress in Pink $58.00

And a dress that I found via Pinterest and is no longer in their shop.  Too bad or I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

McIntosh Dress

All images from Spool 72

7 Pretty Things On Sunday

PhotobucketToday I am joining in on the 7 Pretty Things On Sunday linky party, hosted by Gussy Sews, Matchstick Molly, Much Love, Illy, & The Letter 4.  :)  It’s just a fun way to share seven inspiring photos that you love.

Lately, I’ve been spending a little too much time on Pinterest and in turn, finding awesome new blogs.  I always make sure that the proper source is linked, and if it isn’t – I don’t pin it!  99% of the time I click over and check out the source too.

So, showing you 7 pretty, inspiring things is easy.  :)  It’s just hard to narrow it down to 7!

Pink flowers of different varieties ~ which is your favorite?

Source: weddingchicks.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Colorful & fun packaging 

Source: tokketok.com via Mindy on Pinterest

I love this color scheme ~ wedding colors?

Source: creaturecomfortsblog.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Appropriate photo for Valentine’s Day ~ coming soon!

Source: acreativemint.typepad.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Beautiful wedding inspiration

Source: abryanphoto.com via Mindy on Pinterest

I love love love everything about this photo!

Source: ourblogoflove.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Beautiful decor of origami & lights

Source: lizellelotter.co.za via Mindy on Pinterest


Let me know if you enjoyed these 7 pretty things & if you linked up as well.  I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!  :)

My Highlights of 2011

Happy belated 2012 everyone!  I’m making it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to blog on here more often.  In the last several months, I have really been neglecting this little blog and I miss it.  Time to get back on board in 2012!  I’m going to start with my highlights of 2011.  I did a 2010 in Review and it’s so fun to look back on.

Overall, 2011 was a really great year for me.  A BIG year, in fact!  The past few years before that were pretty rough, so 2011 was a fresh breath of air.  It was fun-filled & busy!  Such lovely memories were made.

Note: Not necessarily in order.

2011 started off by visiting Ryan in Plainfield, Indiana, where he had just moved in with our friends Todd & Carrie.  I had so much fun when I visited Ryan while he lived there!

I got on a craft kick around Valentine’s Day and it hasn’t left me since.

I fell in love with coffee all over again when Ryan bought me the Aeropress.  Goodbye French press!

The impossible happened.  The university gave us not one, but TWO, snow days!

Celebrated 5 years with Ryan.

I completed several service projects with a local group we called “Helping from Home.”  We assembled safe birthing kits, made shoes for Sole Hope, had a baby shower for the Kenya Mercy House, sold cupcakes with the Cupcake Kids for Sixty Feet, etc.

Ryan got the job as Community Manager for WooThemes. He also graduated from AU in May. I was so proud of all he accomplished in 2011!

Ryan & I visited my cousin Darah in Savannah, Georgia during my Spring Break.  We also were able to ride bikes on Hilton Head Island – so so awesome.

Went to Silver Dollar City with my family for the first time in years.  Went to the Home of the Throwed Rolls (Lambert’s) for the first time.  For the record, I caught a roll!

Ryan & I took photos at three wedding & took video at two weddings.

Ryan & I both “earned” Starbucks gold cards.

I jumped on the bandwagon and got my first iPhone.  How did I last so long without one?!  hah

Discovered Trader Joe’s for the first time.

Went to IKEA & the state of Ohio for the first time.

Got three new fancy pants lenses & a 5D Mark II.  WHOA!

Survived Organic Chemistry II online.  Earned my FIRST ever B.

Lost our dear kitty Milo to Bobcat Fever.  :( So sad.

Rescued two new kittens – Lil Bit & Onyx.  Actually four, but we gave two away.

Became completely addicted to almonds.

Rode horses a few times & tried to overcome my fear.

Won a photo contest for my 4th of July carnival pics.

Fell in love with frozen yogurt (with gummy bears!)

Kayaked for the first time.  LOVED it!

Went to an “adult swim” at the new pool.  Conquered my fear of going down the slide!

My Mom turned 50, my Grandma turned 90, & my brother turned 20.

Discovered cake pops & made my own.

Got BlogHer ads & a few blog makeovers. Neglected my blog.  :(

Turned 23 years old.

Started Two Are Better LLC with Ryan.

Flew on a plane for the first time in years. (Felt like my first time!)

Visited Florida.  Went over the Sunshine Bridge.  Found shark teeth.  Had an amazing time.

Shot an engagement video & two promo videos.

Went roller skating for the first time in ~10 years.

Dressed up like a mad scientist for Halloween.

Painted pumpkins for the first time.

My paternal Grandma, Nana, was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and joined my Dad in heaven.

Went ice skating for the first time ever.


Succeeded in student teaching.

GRADUATED with my B.A in Biology and a Certification to teach secondary ed. & a minor in Psychology.  Got recognized for a 4.0 in the University of Missouri system.

Continued to grow my hair out. ( Dec 2010 vs Dec 2011)


Did 27 photo shoots.

Crafty Christmas Trees

My inspiration for my Crafty Christmas trees came about from a few different sources.  I loved these ideas that I saw (see below) and wanted to make my own versions.



I bought three different sizes of floral foam cones and made each tree a little different.

For the biggest tree, I pinned on circles of felt to look like ruffles.  It took 16 sheets of felt and a lot of time to cut out all of those circles!  But it was worth it ~ so pretty!  I then added little jingle bells as ornaments, a pretty sequin ribbon for garland, and some glitter as snow.  Then a bow on top to complete it.

For the smallest tree, I wrapped the cone in green yarn, glued on tiny pom poms for the ornaments, and added a mini bow to the top.  I also painted a very small plant pot to put underneath the tree.

For the middle sized tree, I also painted a plant pot to put underneath it.  I wrapped the tree in white yarn, but covered the whole thing in silver glitter.  (I LOVE glitter!) I also added tiny pom poms to it as ornaments and added a little star to the top.

Now I have a cute display on little Christmas trees. I’d love to make more – like a pinecone tree, a fabric tree, a jingle bell tree — the sky is the limit!

Any other ideas?!?