The future…

Mark my words…

Ryan will be famous someday (I’m not yet sure why/how, there are many possibilities). And not necessarily a “huge celebrity.”
If/when (circle one) I marry Ryan and have kids…
I will have 9-10 lb babies.
My kids will be taller than me.
I will have a redhead kid.
Right now I think pregnancy will be
so amazing, but I bet I will end up hating it. :(
Ryan will pass out sometime during the labor
& delivery.
And so will I.
I will be so incredibly nervous
during my wedding.
I will break out on my upper chest like I do
when I get REALLY nervous.
It will look lovely in pictures.
This doesn’t have to do with kids…but Ryan
will be the one deciding on interior
decorating. lol.
My brother will live at home for far too long.
I will get osteoporosis. (Ok that’s a long time from now)
Nour and I will be friends for life (despite her doubts…we’ve had many conversations about this)
I’ll end up with a job that doesn’t make a lot of money, yet I’ll be in school forever.
I won’t get married until I’m like, 25.
The generation of my grandkids will think it’s absolutely insane that we treated cancer by giving people radiation treatment and putting poison in their bodies (chemo).

This list may be continued sometime. I just wanted to write these things down. Only time will tell…






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