AU versus S&T

I started classes at S&T this week. Made it through the first two days, woo! It will be mid semester before I know it, right? After today I’m feeling a little intimidated and stressed, but it will all be alright. I just have to convince myself of that. I forget to take school day by day so I get a little stressed.

For all you AU people out there, don’t lose appreciation for certain aspects of AU. Let me explain.

AU vs S&T:
1) It was weird and gross to see people smoking on campus. Thanks for the second hand smoke while I walk to class.
2) I miss the close relationship that bio majors have among each other and having only about 12 people in my bio class. Now I have 40-50.
3) I miss the “Christian based” education. Such as professors actually bringing God into the subject material, praying, or talking about their faith.
4) When giving brief introductions about ourselves, it was so weird to hear a few people talking about their alcoholic lifestyle.
5) I miss the friendliness of people at AU.
6) $35 dollars for a parking permit is cheap compared to $65 for EACH parking lot.

I’m sure the list will continue since I’ve already figured this out in 2 days. I’ll probably start missing chapel soon. lol, or maybe the Haven…NOT!

P.S. > I miss my friends soo much. And Ryan lots.






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  1. Brittany Avatar
    I will never miss the Haven. Its discustinggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!

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