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  • Ryan’s Graduation Weekend

    This past weekend was full of graduation celebrations and festivities.  No, it wasn’t my graduation, although I wish it was….

  • A-maze-ing

    The bad news? The weather did not permit. (Which is probably good because I still have a cough that sounds horrible. Yes, 3 weeks later.) The good news? We have an awesome time together, rain or shine.

  • A Must-See

    Allow me to brag on my talented boyfriend for a minute.  :)  It just might benefit you if you are needing a videographer and/or photographer!

  • Let There Be Light!

    Originally, I bought this lamp to use it in my dorm room at AU because it went perfect with my brown/pink comforter.  However, when I moved back home, it just ended up in my room and has been there since.  I’ve always wanted to replace it since the colors never matched, but I never got […]

  • Ryan’s Spring Break

    I don’t think I’ve said this enough lately: I miss my sweetie. He’s actually on Spring Break this week; two weeks earlier than mine. The last time we had a Spring Break together was when we were both at AU in Spring 2008. We visited home and I just found these pictures from that week. […]