50 years

Yesterday, May 21st, was my Dad’s 50th birthday!

Bittersweet for sure.
According to the doctors, that could very well be his last birthday.
According to my faith, he could be celebrating many more birthdays to come.

We had a surprise party for him! A couple from Montana whom he hasn’t seen in 19 years flew in and his high school friend from Kansas is here. A great friend in St. James also joined the party. It went really well! Thank you Lord that he felt good. To all of our surprise, my aunt and cousin showed up later on that night from California. We knew they were in town, but we didn’t know they’d stop by to say hi last night. Ironically, we were looking at old pictures and talking about them and they walked in! On Monday, my dad’s side of the family is getting together and we are going to pray over my dad. My Aunt is putting all of this together for him; she is a minister.
I am expecting my cousin to show up soon and we are going to hang out. Up until last night, we hadn’t seen each other since 2006!

Happy Birthday Dad! What a great day of celebrating another year of life that God gave him.






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