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Writing Prompt: What makes you get out of bed each morning?

Ohhh, the dreaded task of the day… getting out of bed! I’m definitely not a morning person, and you could also add that I just don’t like getting out of bed unless I’m ready. I love sleeping for a long time; about ten hours is a wonderful amount for me! If I get less than eight, I’m worthless. I can’t make it through the day without crashing. It’s quite an annoying trait that I have, but that’s how I was made! I seriously think it’s heredity because my mom has to sleep a lot too. I can even sleep twelve hours without a problem. It sure provides a lot of REM cycles, so that means plenty of dreams to experience (or nightmares, yikes)!

So, if a class, appointment, or work await me in the morning, that obviously forces me to wake up and get up! I despise alarm clocks, but they’re an unfortunate part of life. I usually hit the snooze button and get a few minutes extra of sleep (what’s that gonna do, really? But I can’t think straight when I wake up).

Did I mention my bed is super comfortable and that makes it even more difficult to leave it behind for the day?!

However, if we are talking about motivation to get up out from under my down comforter, then I’ll have to admit it is…. breakfast. Yes, I look forward to eating my usual breakfast of cereal & plain Silk (soy milk) and a banana. On occasion I will eat something else, but I love my cereal! I have been addicted to Life Cinnamon cereal for quite some time now. [I would happily take blueberry pancakes instead of cereal, but those are rare and not as healthy.] So if I’ve had enough sleep, and I think about my bowl of goodness that awaits me, I will crawl out of bed with a little more inspiration. Embarrassingly, my motivation is nothing deep like “the eagerness to begin a new day” or “to run a few miles among the sunrise.”
However, because of the name of my favorite cereal, I could say my motivation to get up is to “Enjoy Life!” …Or even add “ silk” to the end of that. That is the truth! :)

But let’s be honest: sometimes the thought of eating doesn’t always make me want to get up. Like I said, if I’m tired, realllly comfortable (cuddling), or if I just am dreading something in the day, then nothing will motivate me. (Unless we’re talking about someone handing me a nice amount of cash. Or taking me to the beach. But these are unrealistic scenarios.)

Nonetheless, I manage to get up when I have to and I sleep in when I can and meet my cereal soon after. Such is life.

Oh and little tidbit: I used to hate eating in the morning. I would never eat breakfast. So this has developed in the past few years, partly due to gastrointestinal problems. Now I’ve grown to enjoy breakfast.





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