Minday’s Monday..

Slowly, my sleeping patterns may be (hopefully/please/crossing my fingers) getting back on schedule. I went to bed at 3 AM and got up at 11:30 AM. Still pretty bad…Oh and I didn’t make it to church yesterday. Very sad. But good news: I actually feel tired right now. YESSS.

(I was up ’til 3 finishing a book that I will write about soon!)

Today my mom and a friend, Angel, got the tax stuff together and turned them in to be filed. Good thing because I was getting nervous about my FAFSA! I need to revise it soon.

So that means… I got out of the house! Shocker! …Oh, but wait, it was basically just to turn in the taxes and go to Wal-Mart. That doesn’t count! No hott date or anything since someone is in Pennsylvania.

Speaking of happenings in that state…

I realize that everyone has an opinion about Jon and Kate Gosselin, and now I will voice mine…

TLC left us in suspense for a few days about the “special” hour-long episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 that aired tonight. It said they would make an announcement, and I’m sure you’ve heard: they are getting divorced. Funny thing is they never used that word in the episode. TLC used the word “dissolve.” Interesting choice.
But seriously, I’m so sad for them. Even though we watch them through a screen, they’re real people just like everyone else. I don’t agree with them for doing Season Five because Jon wasn’t wholeheartedly into it, and they were struggling in their marriage. The crumbling of their marriage is forever on video for anyone and everyone to see, including their kids. I can’t even imagine how their kids will feel about it when they watch it someday. Or how they will feel about their family’s fame in general. Kate said that it wasn’t their show’s fault for their marriage problems (I disagree, because it changed their life tremendously) nor the kids’ fault. I’m not saying it’s the kids’ fault either, but the kids changed their life too, obviously. In a previous episode she said that, “Parents’ of multiples have triple the divorce rate.” Kids do add stress to a marriage, BUT the parents should take care of their marriage, their kids, and their family as a whole. Obviously it can be done and that’s how it is supposed to be. You don’t just have kids and give up on your marriage. Kids can add many other things like joy, fun, love, etc to your family. It seems to me (and they basically said it themselves) that Jon and Kate always put their kids before anything, including their marriage. Eight kids before a marriage would seem to equal a disaster. (Including many other factors such as the fame/money, rumors, reality show, etc) I know, I haven’t even been close to being married, but I am opinionated on this. I feel very strongly about the lifelong commitment of marriage and I find this very upsetting. Not just specifically about Jon & Kate, but in all the marriages that end in divorce. It’s hard to fathom that half of all marriages end in divorce. I don’t want a life like that. I understand that some things are out of control, like if a spouse decides to cheat, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about people who have the wrong idea about marriage. When I get married someday, I want my husband to know that I am serious. I will be committed to him for life, and work hard to make it a life filled with joy (despite the inevitable troubles in life). I realize that marriage is work and so are children, but it seems very worth it and I know it will be. That’s the way God designed it.
So back to Jon and Kate, it seems to me that Jon is very lost, bitter, and angry. Kate said he wouldn’t even talk to her about it, yet he said communication is important. Contradiction somewhere, probably Jon’s actions and words matching up. Did they even try marriage counseling? How about quitting the show? ..Or various other solutions. AHH, I have many opinions like so many others, but they put their life out for us to see. What else do you expect? I’ll move on now, since I could probably talk about this for a while. [I do realize that we (the viewers) can’t see every aspect of their life on a 30-60 minute show once a week and that my opinions on their marriage could be worth nothing. But my thoughts on marriage (in general) are important to me.]

One of my friends from Indiana (who likes to comment as “Anonymous”) is in the National Guard and leaving for Basic tomorrow morning! He’ll be in Georgia until October and until then, we have to communicate by “snail mail.” Since he is a faithful blog reader, we came to the conclusion that I would print out my posts and send them to him. So, here ya go Travis!

Alright, I am seriously getting tired and can’t really think or see straight, so I’ll make my way to bed. Good night!





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