A Week In The Life

A Week in the Life of M Squared (Minus R Squared): Sunday, July 19th – Saturday, July 25th.

Sunday morning I went to Church and brought along my cousin Christy, who was visiting from Florida. It was a good sermon about spiritual disciplines such as fasting, solitude, silence, and prayer. We came back home, ate lunch, and then helped my mom around the yard. Well she mostly helped, but I did help shovel some rocks over the fence/spread out some new dirt on patches in the backyard. I’ll admit it; I was sore for the next few days! It was so nice outside that day though! That night, my mom, Christy, and I went to Little Prairie Lake for an hour and pedal boated. I tried to fish, but was unsuccessful, probably because it’s just not right without Ryan. I got very irritated being in such close quarters with my Mom, and it was frustrating because the boat almost fell off the trailer when hauling it. …The reason being that Ryan does all the dirty work and I am clueless, but he was not here this week and of course I missed him.

Monday was Christy’s second full day here and it turned into a day we didn’t plan, as usual around here. My Mom and Christy went to Rolla to attempt to buy some food, while I stayed at home with my Dad. (At this point, someone always needs to be here with him.) A nurse came while I was here and suggested he go to the hospital since he was so short of breath. Christy & my mom came home early and after waiting around for the doctor to call and say he could be directly admitted, it turned into evening. We took him in to PCRMC and stayed until he was settled in. Among all the chaos, I missed my love.

On Tuesday morning my cousin Christy flew back to Florida. My Mom’s friend ended up driving her to the airport, despite all our efforts to find a way to get her there. There’s just not many options around here, such as a bus or shuttle. It was a chilly July day, and I wore jeans and a hoodie! I didn’t think July and chilly would ever go in the same sentence, at least in Missouri. I babysat for Tiffany Nugent’s baby, Kalyn, for 5-ish hours that afternoon/evening. She was a good baby given the circumstances of being with someone she didn’t know for an extended amount of time. She is 6 months old by the way and very cute. My Dad had his last minute PEG tube surgery that day and it went well, and surprisingly they were able to get the scope into his mouth and down his esophagus. It wasn’t easy though, but the safest way to perform it. That night I was DEAD tired…I laid down and could not move to turn the lights off, charge my phone, or even take my computer off the bed. I felt so helpless and called my Mom in to help when she got home. How am I going to survive parenthood someday? I slept 12-13 hours that night. Oh, but I wasn’t too tired to miss you-know-who.

On Wednesday I sat around after sleeping in, blogged, and then visited my Dad at the hospital that night for a couple hours. He almost fell off his bed headfirst–that was scary! It was a pretty lazy/chill day, and the boy was missed dearly.

I actually saw Thursday morning because I woke up at 9:30 AM. However, I pretty much sat around all day, feeling bored, lonely, and grouchy. I watched a lot of baby shows that morning, including “Pregnancy for Dummies” even though I’m not pregnant nor a dummy. But then again, I couldn’t remember if I took my GERD medicine, but that afternoon it felt like I hadn’t so I took it hoping I didn’t overdose by 40 mg. I also think that’s why I was grouchy because my stomach was burning. I wrote another letter/sent blog posts to my friend Travis, while sitting outside enjoying the nice day. Then I watered plants for my Mom and went to Zumba from 7-8 PM. Usually I go with Courtney Campbell, but she wasn’t here this week. I visited my Dad after that since I was in Rolla, and came home and watched the new episode of 18 Kids and Counting. Yep, you guessed it, I also missed Ryan. My cousin, Darah, from California started out on a bus this night to come stay with us for a while. She will arrive here on Saturday night. She is the daughter of my Aunt Marcie, who stayed with us for 2 weeks.

Friday, well I could’ve done without this day. It even started off bad when I woke up from a dream crying. It was about getting my wisdom teeth out, ha. Aghh, I was very down and depressed about life. My Dad came home from the hospital, which was a good thing. My brother got in a minor car accident while driving my Dad’s truck, since his truck’s engine is locked up. They found “something” on my Grandma’s esophagus in a CT scan. I don’t like the sounds of that. I took a nap around 5:30 because it was an escape from reality. The rest of the night I just sat around, and tried to go to bed at midnight but it took me a long time to fall asleep. Ryan…so far away!

Saturday.. woke up around 11 AM, watched TV, helped with my Dad, went to the store because we had no food and I haven’t been eating well so my stomach hurt. We found out that the spot on my Grandma’s esophagus is a hernia. I missed Ryan and was totally excited because he’ll be home on Sunday night. I picked up my cousin Darah from the Rolla bus stop and she’ll be staying with us for a while.






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