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  • While Ryan was away…

    This weekend, Ryan was in Tennessee playing drums with John Tibbs. I was never really great at being “home alone,” but I decided to be brave and try to make the best of it!  Technically, I wasn’t “alone” because we have two cats who lovingly like to bother me.  I was glad Ryan was only […]

  • Hand-Carved Stamps

    I was searching Etsy for hand-carved stamps, as Ryan and I are looking into packaging ideas for Two Are Better, and I remembered how much I love stamps!  They’re not the most practical thing, but they are oh so cute. I wish I could have a stamp collection – but what would I stamp?  The […]

  • My Highlights of 2011

    Happy belated 2012 everyone!  I’m making it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to blog on here more often.  In the last several months, I have really been neglecting this little blog and I miss it.  Time to get back on board in 2012!  I’m going to start with my highlights of 2011.  I did […]

  • I’m ENGAGED!

    My highlight of 2011 was when Ryan asked me to marry him!!!  On December 12th, I became his fiancée after almost 6 years together.  :) It’s still surreal – partly because I haven’t been able to wear my ring yet!  It’s now resized and waiting for us in Indiana.  We also haven’t discussed any wedding […]

  • Christmas Ornament Wreath

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I spent most of my Thanksgiving break hanging out with Ryan and working on Christmas crafts. It was so relaxing; I didn’t want it to end! You can expect lots of fun Christmas posts in the near future because I have lots of projects up my sleeve. :) I’m starting with my […]