Book Review: To Own a Dragon

Fact: 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.

The book I finished in two nights, To Own A Dragon: Reflections on Growing up Without A Father, by Donald Miller was collecting dust on my shelf for many months. I finally picked up a book (other than for school) for the first time since winter and I chose this one. How funny because it was Father’s Day weekend and I didn’t think of that when deciding!

I actually don’t fit in the “directed audience” for this book, but I liked two other Donald Miller books (Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What) so I thought I’d buy this one too. It is actually aimed toward guys who have grown up without a father. However, I still think it has great insight to offer for any reader. It gives a small peek into that unfortunate situation first-hand. And just because I have a wonderful, involved father doesn’t mean I haven’t been/am close to people who grew up father-less. I know many. Too many in fact.

It made me consider the importance of a father’s role – not just an earthly father, but also our Heavenly Father. God’s fathering role is intertwined in the book.

Some interesting points without giving too much away:
Work is worship, sex is like the value of a dollar, chess as a life lesson, “relationships with loved ones are like blurred photos of our relationship with God,” beauty as a love letter from God, and Wounded Healers.

Does that spark your interest?

Reading this book definitely made me even more thankful for my Dad. I pray and hope my future children will have an amazing father (my future amazing husband) throughout their entire lives. How important that is!

On a lighter note, chapter 13 has my name in the title so I’ll add some bonus points for that.

Although I liked his other books better, I do recommend you read this one too (along with his other ones!)





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