Highlights of my week

Sometimes when I don’t blog for a while it means I have writer’s block. Other times, like this past week, it means I’m actually busy! It’s nice to be tired at night and want to go to bed. And not watch TV for a week. And not hide out in my room all day. And so on.

My Aunt Marcie arrived on Monday the 6th and we have been busy ever since! God called her here to help heal my Dad, as He has continually told Marcie that my Dad will be healed. So we are on a mission of healing in alternative ways, with God being in the center it all. We are going to blend and juice vegetables and fruits to add to his diet (carrot juice will be an everyday thing). In those juice concoctions, we will add wheat germ for protein and other nutrients. He is taking astragalus 2 x a day, which boosts the immune system. He is also taking Acidophilus to restore his natural microbiota. We are planning on switching cow milk to goat milk (if we can find some and work it out) and also add soy milk to his diet. One of the most important additions will soon be Noni juice. The main purpose of adding this to his diet is to kill the cancer, but there are many other benefits. Another thing we are doing is finding ways to heal his wounds/skin ulcers, which will start with an oil we put in it. No more talking about the end of life. He will be healed and restored. We have also been praying (had a group of people over for a prayer meeting yesterday) and using a spiritual healing called reiki. My other Aunt, Marla, has been here for a few days also. My Grandparents have come to our house three times this week. I’m telling ya, we have been BUSY and the week has flown by! Marcie will be leaving Tuesday (most likely), and then coming back sometime soon. But soon after her, my cousin Christy will be visiting for a few days. I love when people are here visiting! It’s a break from my lonely life.

My Aunt told me something that I so needed to hear this week and I’m almost positive it was God speaking through her to me. Without me even saying anything about anything, she said she understands the lonely situation I am in and I will be greatly blessed/rewarded someday for the sacrifice I am making to be with my family. I should’ve known that, but the loneliness blinds me sometimes. WOW is all I can say.

This was a great week to be busy because Ryan was away and as of last night we are re-united! Until he leaves again at the end of the week of course.

The other night I had a very vivid dream that I was having Ryan’s baby (HAHA), and I had to have a C-section. I was really scared, but it went great and I was so proud of myself! Can’t remember why I had to have a section, but probably because when I saw them measure the baby it was 28 inches long! Afterwards, all these people were around looking at the baby (Ryan had just arrived from camp, but had to leave the next day) and I felt kinda funny. I said I probably lost too much blood (I knew this from all the Discovery Health I watch) and so I got a blood transfusion. Pretty hardcore dream, huh?

I babysat last night for my cousin’s cousin’s kids! I know, it sounds confusing. I could also say, I babysat for my uncle’s (Aunt is blood related, Uncle isn’t) brother’s grandkids. Picture this: your aunt or uncle that married in to the family, so not your parents’ siblings, but their spouse…are you with me? Okay, so I’m talking about their family, which you probably don’t know because they aren’t your family.
Imagine going to their family reunion! I have actually, eight years ago, in South Carolina because I went to help out my cousin’s little girls. I remember meeting my cousin’s cousin, who was pregnant with twins, and funny because that’s who I babysat last night! Phew, that was confusing.

Oh AND I pretty much finished my to-do list from over a week ago. I got all that financial aid crap out of the way.. what a relief! Now if I can just get my grants back because when I revised my FAFSA I lost almost all of them. My EFC increased dramatically when I added our tax information– bummer. But that’s what the special circumstances form is for.. to take in account all the medical expenses.

Tomorrow night is the start of an 8 week session of Zumba! It is so fun and a major work out!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of one of our cats, Lucky, who decided to make herself comfortable in my dresser drawer.






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