Friday? I have my days mixed up.

Praise God… My Dad’s procedure went fine yesterday. Now we’re praying it quickly heals and his infection clears up. It was a stressful day, but it turned out as planned and I even made it to Zumba on time. Then I came home, showered, watched TV, and crashed.

We have been researching and the next step: we’re going to buy Immunocal and start him on that to kill cancer. It’s a protein that raises the levels of glutathione. It was recommended by a doctor who treats cancer patients, and is booked up with appointments for 3 months. Also, we are taking him to a Naturopath in Columbia in a week to help us out.

I can’t believe how nice it is today. 70 degrees in July?! Amazing. And supposedly another repeat day tomorrow. I’m sitting outside writing this right now. I’ll show you via Photobooth:

(Tons of people have asked me if my hair is naturally curly, like the lady at the post office today.)

Oh and just for fun.. I’ll show you a picture of me fishing for catfish the other day, taken by the professional himself.

People are coming and going everywhere. Ryan left yesterday to make his way to Indy and then West Virginia. He’ll be back in like 2 weeks or less. Tomorrow my Aunt is planning on heading back to California and my cousin is coming in from Florida. Should be good!

Today I printed out my blog posts for the first time to send to my friend Travis. It was 13-ish pages long with some condensing and size 12 font. Little did I know I was writing that much on here!

It turns out that my revised FAFSA with special circumstances included is not going to cover all costs. I won’t be eligible for Pell grants anymore. Bummer.

Yesterday, I started the book Praise Habit by David Crowder. I’ve only read two short chapters and I love it already. In fact, I could already relate on the first page..

Tragedy always comes. If it hasn’t come for you, it will. Not the losing-your-homework kind or the having-to-flush-your-goldfish kind, but the kind that leaves you stripped. The kind that tears from you all the ideas about living you once believed untearable. Mine came my junior year of college, and it came in a phone call.

[Mine came right alongside my first year of college, and slowly stripped us piece by piece until one day we were in the middle of Hell on Earth. I’ve thought a lot about tragedy. Now that it has struck, I fear it coming again. It messes with your mind in almost every way possible.]

College is hard enough without something detonating in the middle of it. It is a pivotal moment. Your values encounter other values in classrooms and textbooks. Your faith is on trial inside libraries and laboratories.

[Seriously, I am robbed of my college years and this will forever have an impact on my life. You can’t understand unless you’ve been through it.]

But God will see us through it. He will not leave us nor forsake us. The battle is His, not ours. And He always works all things together for the good.





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