Thursday 13: Early Memories of Us

Thirteen Early Memories of You & Me <3

1) Eating, bowling, and hanging out at your house for Courtney’s 15th (WOW, we’re gettin’ old…) birthday!

2) We went to watch the sunset at the park, but we didn’t find a spot until the stars came out. I didn’t mind though.

3) 2006 Courtwarming: Our first dance. My date was crowned the KING!

4) When Court and I came to pick you up and just said, “Grab your swimming trunks!” and we took you hottubin’ at my house

5) Sha-la-la-la-la… you wanna kiss the girl

6) When you & Cameron rapped your own version of Party Up by DMX in my backseat

7) Eating Chinese at Lucky House in St. James for one of our first dates

8) Staying up all night watching the stars at the Brown Eyed Monster’s House with the monster, Courtney, Heather, & Nathan

9) Watching a Harry Potter movie in theaters with Courtney & Cameron.. I only went to be with you.

10) The “holding” game that Courtney always wanted us to play.

11) One of the first times we hung out alone — we got ice cream from McDonald’s and drove around.

12) Watching movies at your house, such as Madagascar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Notebook.

13) Becoming inseparable at first sight and having fun and making everyone “awww” wherever we went…

(Look at me pointing at you.. thinking .. SOMEONE TAKE A PICTURE, RYAN RAY IS SPOONING ME)

Wait a second… this isn’t right naming just thirteen memories… how about one more?

14) February 14, 2006. Need I say more? :)





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