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  • So far, so good.

    I’ve subbed two days in a row this week and so far, so good! Of course, I am exhausted and not used to getting up early and working 8 hours. It’s nice to get out, feel productive, and make money though. As long as I stay clear of this measles outbreak in Indy, it will […]

  • Mindy’s Photos 101

    Before I decided I would start offering photo sessions, I wanted to make sure I was ready for that step. Of course, you can never be “ready” enough because you need experience and practice and the only way to get that is to go for it! However, I didn’t just want to be a girl […]

  • Third Summer Purchase: Canon Rebel t2i

    As of Sunday night, I am officially finished with my summer classes!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Woohoo!  YAY! That 9 credit hours would’ve put me behind another regular semester, but I knocked them out in the summertime!  I still feel like I had a summer though, at the same time (just SHORT as usual).  And they […]

  • Thursday 13: Early Memories of Us

    Thirteen Early Memories of You & Me <3 1) Eating, bowling, and hanging out at your house for Courtney’s 15th (WOW, we’re gettin’ old…) birthday! 2) We went to watch the sunset at the park, but we didn’t find a spot until the stars came out. I didn’t mind though. 3) 2006 Courtwarming: Our first […]

  • Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

    Writing prompt: Write about a memorable drive you’ve taken (with you or someone else behind the wheel). Late summer, 2005: My Aunt & Cousin were visiting from California for a few weeks that summer. We decided to take a late night drive down the road a few miles to Little Prairie Lake. My mom was […]